Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Named and Dated!

Dark Imperium to be up for pre order June 3rd. Released June 17th. The excitement is palpable! Warhammer 40K 8th edition is almost here!

Available 17th of June 2017 the new 8th edition will come in the form of a new rulebook and starter box along with other goodies. It is dubbed Dark Imperium. We have the goods for you to see right here!

The brand new Warhammer 40K Starter Box has been unveiled! Behold, the grimdark models in all their glory.  As seen on the Warhammer Community site, the contents are as follows –  

Primaris Marines

  • Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword
  • Primaris Lieutenant with Auto Bolt Rifle
  • Primaris Ancient
  • Captain in Gravis Armour
  • Intercessor Marines
  • Hellblaster Squad
  • Inceptor Squad

Death Guard

  • Lord of Contagion
  • Noxious Blightbringer
  • Malignant Plaguecaster
  • Foetid Bloat-drone
  • Plague Marines
  • Poxwalkers

That’s a lot of plastic bang for your buck. Some of these new models are wondrous to behold, especially those grotesque Death Guard! This will surely be a wonderful way to usher in 8th Edition. This box alongside the new 280-page rulebook sounds utterly fantastic. You can also find further information regarding the new indexes holding rules for the corresponding miniatures within broken down into factions.

We already know that the new edition looks to mix things up for Warhammer 40K by streamlining a tonne of old features and mechanics or dropping them completely. This is in the name of accessibility and making games faster. Whilst following some of the simplicity of Age of Sigmar, 40K looks to be following a similar pattern whilst retaining a fair amount of its grimdark, strategic brutality. Some of the updated rules can be viewed on the Warhammer Community Site such as new Strategums, a Command Point system and new lore on the run up to release. Not everything has been revealed but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have any new information.

So, who else is ready for some fantastic new models and a hopefully more fluid rule system?!

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