Blood Damage Batman Tournament

On the 21st of May me and 6 of my friends from Thors Hammer gaming club left the comforting circle of the M25 and travelled north to Loughborough to take part in the Blood Damage Batman tournament. This was our first visit to a Batman tournament as a club and for four of us our first Batman tournament. The Blood Damage tournament was a regular sight on the tournament scene however the organisers have been taking a break lately so this was the first one for a while and we were all excited about getting our crews tested on the table especially hoping to get a game against Liam or Don from Titan Dose and obtaining one of their custom dice.

We arrived at Weekend warlords early ready for the Ten o’clock start and the first thing I noticed was the amazing boards we were going to be playing on. I feel Batman games are all about setting the scene, Your heroes or villans fighting it out on the streets of Gotham and I must say the organisers really captured this, every board was different and full of character. So the stage was set, 16 players were ready to fight it out for podium, all that we were waiting for was to find out our opponent for the first game. In the first draw my opponent was Matt W with his Poison Ivy crew and this game turned out to be a real lesson in how to play this game.


From the first roll of the dice in this game it was an uphill battle for me and my Harley crew and if there is one thing that I learned is “know your enemy”. I had not played a Poison Ivy crew before and it showed, I had no clue that the plants were so effective and the managed to effect my crew from the start this allowed Matt’s characters to hold all his objectives without me getting anywhere near mine. His bodyguard managed to protect Ivy all through the game making it impossible to take points for the leader kill, the only time I got remotely close to his objectives he hypnotised Harley Quin and ran her as far as possible away. Overall it was a steep learning curve but a great game needless to say I lost pretty convincingly by around 40 pts.


In my second game I played fellow club member James R and his Court of the owls crew, we play each other regularly at the club and know what to expect. We both scored points consistently all through the game with the only high point for me was killing his leader, again it was a fun game ending in a draw 30 pts to 31 pts.


My final game was against Jane and I must say it was the most fun by far. Jane was using a scarecrow crew she had not used before ( the other half had forgotten to bring her Poison Ivy crew ) and we had a hilarious game were we just seemed to roll ones at each other all the way through. we did manage to both hold our objectives constantly but The Arkham knight took out Harley and Riddler giving Jane the win.

In all it was a really fun day and a very well run tournament that we will be visiting again and i’m proud to say that 3 of my club members finished in the top 5. Now I need to work out what crew to take to the next one.

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