Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Athletics)

Welcome to the first article detailing a mere fragment of dust in a planet of possibilities via the Star Wars RPG dice system!

As stated in the introduction article which can be found here, in these articles I’ll be walking you through some ideas on what the SWRPG dice system can help you accomplish (or fail to accomplish) in spectacular or horrendous fashion. This article will cover the general skill Athletics. You’ll want to take an athletics check each time your character needs to run a great distance quickly, or perform a jump over a foreboding chasm. Anything where the character must physically exert themselves to overcome an obstacle.

Let’s say in this scenario a character is attempting to sprint full-pelt towards a doorway that ends with a rapidly closing bulk head, with some Stormtroopers in pursuit. They need to try and get through the door before it closes!

Success Triumph – The character bolts on through, slides under the door and manages to jam it with a small crate or unfortunate mouse droid, buying time for other characters to run through or to fire some shots at the grunts chasing them!

Success Advantage – The character is able to get through the door with time to spare, maybe having a chance to try to perform a Computers check to interface with the door and hasten its closure to hinder his hunters.

Success Disadvantage – The character makes it through the door but in their mad dash they fail to notice that they dropped their security keycard, favourite blaster or beloved fedora on the other side of the now-shut door.

Success Despair – See Fail Despair above. Though the character manages to make it though to the other side of the door…before it closed on a part of their body!

Would anyone else love to see the outcome of a Hutt trying to pass any form of Athletics check?! No? Just me?

Fail Triumph – The character falls just short of the door as it shuts. In frustration he kicks/slams his fist into the closed bulkhead and, miraculously, the loose/poorly maintained floor panel he was standing on gives way and drops him into the vent shaft below. This grants him cover and the possibility of another escape route!

Fail Advantage – The door slams shut before they are able to get through. Fortunately, they spot a stack of crates to hide behind from their pursuers.

Fail Disadvantage – The player character lunges with all their gusto towards the door in a dire attempt to slip through it. Sadly, they fall short and the bulkhead seals before them. They are trapped, now with the added misfortune that they are now laying flat on their face with pursuers right behind!

Fail Despair – The character sadly doesn’t manage to go through the door in time and, in a brutal twist, finds one of their limbs crushed by the door. Roll for Critical Damage!

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