Shadow Wars in the Age of Sigmar!

It seems Games Workshop is eager to ride off the positive waves flowing from the successful release of Shadow War: Armageddon (Don’t know what that is? Click here!). They have just put up for pre-order Age of Sigmar: Skirmish. According to the Games Workshop store page

“Take command of a small warband of warriors and put your skill, wit and determination to the test with Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Skirmish: a book containing the information and rules needed to fight Skirmish battles – including a hard-fought campaign amidst the ruins of Shadespire! Assemble a small warband of single models and take to the gaming table, building renown and adding to your warband with every glorious victory.”

They have put up for pre-order a rulebook for skirmish games which is set to include modified core rules for Sigmar that help the game flow nicely with a lower model count. It gives a run down on what you need and what you must do to set up and play a game. For instance, you still need a General in your warband who can choose from artefacts of power, command abilities and three new wizard spells, should your leader be magically inclined.

According to the page the book will also include a linear campaign called “The Shadespire Campaign” which will have two and potentially more players duke it out to make their warbands stronger and more powerful through the earning of renown. Here we can see a clear correlation between Shadow War and Skirmish and, in honesty, it worked very well so I cannot see why they wouldn’t transition it across.

In the images on the store page you can even get a glance at some of the rules, including some of the points cost/system for some Chaos units. The rules themselves for skirmish battles can also be seen, although the image isn’t the sharpest.

What I will say is that easily the most appealing part of this product is the price. £6.

Yes. £6!

At 40-pages it might not be the Generals Handbook but looking at the quality of Games Workshop publications over the years this seems like a bargain that can help breathe a fresh gust of life into Age of Sigmar; not that it is in any way stagnating with the General’s Handbook MkII edging closer!

On top of this, Games Workshop are selling Warband boxes for those eager to get started.
The Skirmish rulebook goes on sale next week on the 27th. We’ll be sure to post our thoughts and feelings on it as soon as we get our grubby, little, blood-soaked mitts on it. Until then, keep checking back with us here at TabletopGamesUK for all your wargaming needs.

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