Shadow War Armageddon at 8th Street Warhammer, NYC

So I imagine most people reading this article are anticipating Warhammer 40K 8th Edition, I know I am!

I was recently fortunate enough to stop by Warhammer 8th Street in New York City. I was hopeful that introducing as many 8’s into that day as possible would incur some sort of daemonic ascension with 8th Edition somehow magically being dropped that day. Sadly, it didn’t happen.

But what I was able to do was play some Shadow War Armageddon which many believe (or believed) to be the precursor of the new edition showing a bite size chunk of things to come. For whether that is true or not we’ll have to wait and see what the latest 40K will have in store for us. Consider this article a light preview following the previous morsel of Armageddon summary which can be found here.

Positioning is important as not to expose yourself to the enemy.

Popping into the store with my opponent, we decided to play Shadow War on opposite ends of the 40K spectrum. He would play his Chaos Space Marine World Eaters focusing on close combat and brutal melee whereas I would play with a Necron kill team who would try to shoot down their opponents before they got close enough to do any real damage.

This game really helped to showcase strengths and weaknesses of the teams. For instance, if you field Necrons be sure to have them remain safely far away from any ledges as due to their low initiative their chances of tumbling down under fire are intolerably high. Other lessons were learned for the World Eaters, too. If you run a close combat Chaos Space Marine kill team, be sure to give your models the Mark of Khorne as those extra attacks can be invaluable against tougher foes where every D6 can make the difference.

A couple of models really shone through, the Chaos Terminator is an unstoppable wall of ceramite and pain!

There are few things more terrifying than charging World Eaters.

This thing was nigh impossible to take down though the Necron’s lack of equipment options likely did nothing but aid the World Eaters in this instance. You truly need something with a chunky save modifier before you can even think about stopping a Chaos Terminator. The Necron Lychguard was similarly as tough thanks to its 3+ Invulnerable Save via the Dispersion Shield. Though I suspect that the Chaos Terminator (especially if equipped with dual lightning claws) would win every time in that fight!

At this point I’d quite comfortably say that playing Shadow War Armageddon would sate my need for grim battles in the 41st millennium until 8th Edition drops. It would certainly appear to be less jarring to transition from compared to 7th Edition 40K which is now quite clearly a cumbersome and verbose beast.

We’ll likely have more for you on Shadow War and upcoming 40K updates, be sure to check back very soon!

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