Post Salute Blues

So Salute is now done for another year, which is a shame, but just what does this mean, probably like most people that attended I know am awash with stuff to get on with and my painting queue has gone from barely manageable to an uncomfortable groan when the air pressure shifts within 50 miles of the shelves everything is stacked on, but other than that I had a real good time, despite my voice starting to fade out after about 13:30

What did I learn, well getting there on time is a great way to start unlike last year, getting demos in early is great because its still not to busy, but watch the person demoing first, and if you want something really bad, you best go and get it first or it will be gone! Now I am not sure if its me or not but there seemed to be less people there this year, and the team kind off drifted off and did there own thing looking at various stands which probably is good in a way as we should have covered more but I did miss walking around chatting about things we had seen. On the flip side though lots of in car discussions were had.

I guess I will start of with Hawks Wargames, some really nice 3D prints of upcoming models and for the first time ever I managed to get the show only model at a show which is unusual, they had the normal displays out and I even watched them put a few pieces of there big ship together which was kind off cool. I am hoping that the Dropzone/Dropfleet games really start to take off this year as I have a tonne of it at home and they are good games, so hopefully I can get a few games in soon. I found a promo version on their official website.

Wild West Exodus was there, the Warcradle guys had a few demo tables out and where handing out rule books like they were going out of fashion, (they are but not just yet) as well as some new models they are working on, now it’s firmly in UK hands WWX should be much easier to get hold of in the UK now.

With there debut kickstarter on display and probably one of the best demo boards off the day (although I have been accused of being biased) The Drowned Earth was there and for a new start up game the stand was much busier than I had anticipated, but more of them in another article.

Word Forge Games where on hand this year with there flag ship game Route 666 on display as well as limited numbers of the new 2 player box set and Cheeks, a funny game that they challenged me to read out on camera with out laughing, video proof will be coming soon!

Ronnie and The Mantic Crew were there with early bits from wave two of The Walking Dead which kicked up a stir with some backers who haven’t received there stuff yet, but its the same jaded argument that actually has very little substance to it, so top Marks to the guys the Warpath Demos looked great and everything was pulled off with the only hitch being they had no Ajaxs on the stall. The new stuff for The Walking Dead was a massive hit.
There are many other games that were there that really deserve a mention Warlord Games, Happy Games, absolutely loads but I will try and cover as many off these in the coming few weeks.

For the time Being though here are some pictures I managed to grab whilst wandering around.

I have got some more pictures which I will need to upload as I talk about different things over the next few weeks.

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