On Friday Warlord Games announced a new model for British commanders, Snipers in ghillie suits!

Patiently lying in wait, the New British Snipers in Ghillie suits line up a deadly shot, these models look fantastically detailed and the ghillie suit is something I have tried to model several times using green stuff and I generally fail miserably!


During World War Two British Snipers were generally armed with a SMLE No.4 Rifle equipped with a No.32 Mk.1 telescopic sight. The team carried fifty rounds of ammunition, five tracer rounds and five armour-piercing rounds. Two No.36 Mills bombs or two No.77 smoke grenades were also carried, along with binoculars and a camouflage net. But what makes these snipers stand out from the rest is their heightened level of training, these aren’t your normal riflemen, these are highly trained skilled men ready to take the fight to the enemy!

Modeling all that equipment isn’t a problem as its all hidden under the ghillie suits


As you can see you get two choices of snipers one a bit more ragged and the other in what appears to be a sack cloth, as you can see these camouflage nets serve to break up the outline of the sniper and there equipment, I am thinking my Commando force may need an update to get two teams in, if they look half as good as they appear they should be awesome!

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