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Recently after putting a bit of money aside, I decided to buy one of the ultimate toys for terrain people a 3D printer.  I will happily admit my knowledge of the system isn’t that special.  Yes, I know what they do, the method behind it.  but when it came to creating my own designs well that’s a huge minefield.

Thankfully all is not lost the Internet is a raft of helpful information and so of late is Kickstarter.  A lot of small companies are popping up offering people the plans to buildings and then allowing them to print them at home to your heart’s content.  The whole idea of printing what you want is great, need 7 of X thing that comes in packs of 6, doesn’t matter you print 7 and you are sorted out.

One of the companies offering 3D plans on Kickstarter is Hayland Terrain, their current Kick Starter and I hope one of many are Universal tile’s.  A neat little Kickstarter that is aimed at the modern age with 3D prints that allow you to fill a shell house with Sofa’s, TV’s and all manner of other household items.  But that’s not it (Sounding like some JML sales pitch..) the £20 set gives you a huge amount of plans covering homes, supermarkets, offices, cargo.  the £40 set adds in Campsites, Log Cabins, Windows, Police stations, Hospital and the list goes so on and on.  You are going to get so much stuff your 3D printer isn’t going to stop running (a bit like mine).

The sets are aimed at a now time frame so you can use them in ultra modern games of urban conflict, Batman, Zombie games galore.  The uses really are endless when you start looking at all the parts.

Printing out a couple of the sample log files I was really pleased with the detail.  They look like logs which may sound an odd thing to say.  But after a few days looking at 3D plans and seeing next to nothing texture wise, it’s a welcome site.  They have a good infill and they fit snuggly together as well.

If you are looking to fill out your terrain for this sort of period you couldn’t look at something worse than this.  Yes, you can find stuff for free, but you’re not going to find it all done this well.  I really hope the guys do more of these, fantasy, Docks for Freebooter fate/Pirate games, Sci-Fi my list is endless.

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