Learning Curve: MAD Gaming Terrain / Failing to Plan is…

MAD gaming terrain are now well into phase II of their hab-block Kickstarter and it’s going better than expected.  The reason it’s going really well is I suspect that people have had to sit up and take notice of how good this MDF terrain is.  I wrote about it’s versatility here and have recently glued up the set I purchased in phase I.  Let’s see how I got on…

I won’t bore you with the details of how I stuck them together.  There are instructions on their Facebook page that are really good instead I’ll say that there are two things you should know.  Firstly the walkways are a bit fiddly so not best approached after drinking or arguing.  Secondly sketch yourself a little plan.  The reason I say that is two fold.  You will have a certain amount of blocks and walkways, you can if you’re clever make these configurable in a few ways.  However if you fail to plan you plan to fail and I did just that to a certain extent.

By making each block as an individual piece and then seeking ways to join them up I had made myself a trap.  What I made is fine but could have been so much cleverer just by thinking about where the doors, windows, ladders and magnets would go before I started I would have a set of buildings that really go together in a number of ways.   I guess I’ll have to buy more now and fill in the gaps!

Anyway on to the review.  The sheets are neatly lasered to a level of precision I’ve not experienced with kits before.  I don’t think I had to shave/file/sand any components to make them fit neatly and because of that they go together in no time.  The pieces pop out neatly but perhaps a little easily but you can always glue parts back in if you knock one out accidentally.  There are loads and loads of spare pieces to customise your blocks, I made a guardhouse/prison block by barring all of the windows for example so you can really go to town.

With enough ladders and walkways to make this set into quite something I’d highly recommend getting your hands on the new stuff and checking out the Kickstarter if you play any sci-fi game.  It’s particularly good for games that require a bit of height so Infinity, Shadow War: Armageddon, Deadzone and even the Batman Miniatures Game (for this you’d have to probably do the blocks like porta-cabins for a building site style board?  Might be cool actually).  I really like mine and I’ll update once I’ve got them painted up for use in Deadzone and Infinity games going forwards!

Cheers for reading! – Mark

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