Gyrating Hamsters are Launched

Recently launched on Kickstarter, this card based game called Gyrating Hamsters is an intriguing mix of dice based combat with card set collection elements.

The aim of the game in Gyrating Hamsters is to either collect 9 Hamsters from the same clan or amass a horde of 16 hamsters, which sounds very easy but when your opponents are battling you for your cards and hurricanes are mixing things up its not quite such an easy task this deceptively ‘light’ game should only take 15-30 minutes to play and should be accessible to just about everyone even the lower age groups.

In Gyrating Hamsters a turn is divided into four stages, a draw stage, playing a clan card (one of the hamsters from the four colour sets), playing any card in your hand and finally battle which can’t be done on turn one for some strange reason.

The battles can be done in one of two ways, either a duel hamster on hamster or clan battle where the attacking player picks up to four hamsters from a single clan and faces off against up to four off his opponents hamsters from the same clan, this is the simplistic beauty of this game you roll one dice for each hamster and the highest number wins! So simple and eloquent, stripping a game back to an incredibly basic level, but still providing fun and tactical play. There are cards which change things ever so slightly but they don’t break the main concepts of the game, things like making players miss turns or making extra attacks, all these cards when played at the right time could really change the flow of the game, for example your opponent is on the verge of winning and you have pretty much nothing on the table and the person winning, or anyone really, draws Hurricane which must be played immediately takes all unprotected Horde cards shuffles them up and distributes them evenly among all players, which totally levels the playing ground! There are other crazy combos that you can pull off but they are situational and quite hard to acheive as the cards are limited like using Hades to make everyone discard two horde cards then playing Harriet to collect two cards from the discard pile, it should be noted I am basing all these views of a pre kickstarter prototype so while some things may change,I can’t really see much being done to be fair as it doesn’t need it.

There are other action cards as well which literally work as described on the card and there is very little about the game that is ambiguous which for me is part of the appeal; you draw a card read what it says and do it, obviously there are exceptions like having four identical cards from the same clan which makes them invincible as they become pretty much immune to everything! But things like that are the exception not the norm!

So why should you get this game, well its not deep nor hugely involving it doesn’t even have a learning curve that requires crampons and an oxygen mask to conquer; but what it does is provide a quick easy and enjoyable game for pretty much all the family, in places a tad humorous, this is a game that can easily kill some time between big games or while waiting for tea to cook, or act as a family sit down and chill game there others like it Exploding Kittens or Cheekz for example. Gyrating Hamsters isn’t exactly a new or even novel idea but it is a very solid game for the whole family, unlike the other two I just mentioned which might not suit Aunt Flo after a Sunday Lunch so for that and the absolute no nonsense way of battling I would highly recommend you have a look at it on kickstarter.

If you would like to see more work in progress by the team you can follow our Facebook page, and we are trying to raise funds for more site upgrades and recording equipment on Patreon as well.


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