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I have managed to get my hands on a copy of Nexus PSI, which is basically the V2 version of Deadzone: Contagion from the original deadzone series of Expansions.

So what is Nexus PSI well for a start its a great source of zombies (Plague Stage 3Z to give them there official designation) as well as some more scenery to battle over, it is also the source for single player rules where you can face off against the hordes of 3Z on planet of Nexus PSI, now the supplement book is geared towards Enforcers against Plague but you could use any faction with little to no worry, there is a 4 mission solo player campaign, in which you can replay as many times as you want to beat your own score or try a different faction, or possibly even try and beat a friends score, there is also a 5 mission two player narrative campaign, beware both campaigns have consequences if you lose and also a more challenging variety included as well, so the replay value should be quite good even just for kicking about on a Sunday afternoon when no one else is around.

Not to try and spoil us even more there are two new elite army lists in the campaign book, for those who haven’t seen an elite list, they are characters available who also count as leaders for your strike team, these tend to be unique so where in a normal list you can choose any troop model and then a specialist model, with an Elite List some options are not there, for example Dr Simmonds (Plague) can not choose to take hell hounds or plague swarms, whilst Recon Unit N32-19 (Enforcers) Can take Assault Enforcers in his Strike Team they are counted as specialists instead of troops so its the little differences that can make a big change to how you play the game.

Once I have some more zombies and scenery built up I shall be filming the solo campaign for our you tube channel, but given that I have probably now got about 50 to do, its going to take a while and I also need to get some of the awesome Battlezone scenery built up as I have a massive idea for a solo game I want to try out, 2 mats 3 Pague Stage 1a and multiple players, or should I go for Plague on zombies?

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