Rumbleslam Enters the Ring

TT Combats newest addition to the hobby roster is a game that takes itself as seriously as the sport it aims to replicate, Wrestling. I managed to get a game in at Salute 2017 and we will see where it goes from there.

The spotlights are on, the confetti cannons are loaded, and the mages have had their staffs taken away. The world of RUMBLESLAM awaits! The original game of fantasy wrestling is coming now. Join in on fast paced high action gaming as goblins jump off the turnbuckles, dark elves bounce from the ropes, and dwarfs pick up werewolves to throw out of the ring!

The main Rumbleslam 2 player box has got all the minis and a variety of tokens in it so you can after some glueing and painting get straight on there is even a neoprene wrestling mat included in the box, although I did also pick up TTCombats mdf ring, the miniatures are going to need a really good wash before you start to do anything with them, I would hazard a guess that they were literally taken out of the mold and bagged up, I washed them before undercoating them and the undercoat still peeled away so I had to strip them rewash and start again, even then there are places where the paint doesn’t look like it has taken properly, the miniatures are well defined and are fun to paint, there isn’t a great deal of technical painting to be done to get a half decent team ready to rumble, and the teams in the box are fairly well balanced. The tokens in the box are clear plastic acrylic so that’s a solid thumbs up as is the inclusion of clear bases and the neoprene mat which adds a nice touch of value to a reasonably priced game.

The demo I had at the TTCombat stand at salute was intriguing enough for me to get hold of a copy and see just what else was going on in the game as lets face it a 5 minute demo is not really going to give you much more than an overview, the four types of dice seem to be following a trend in custom dice although there have been reports on facebook over the quality of the dice provided, which as they are not standard d6s could be an issue, but most people also report that the problem gets sorted quite quickly. The rules are interesting and well laid out, the few punches I have managed to throw round the ring haven’t made anything stand out as broken just yet, and each game does maintain a bit off the flavour and flair of ‘real’ wrestling.

Hopefully TTCombat will expand on the rules for more exhibition matches as well as traditional matches as well, the rulebook however does have rule for more than three players at a time although things might start getting a bit confusing with four players in the ring.

I can’t see this becoming a main game at local clubs, like many if the bigger named games, but I can see it finding a place as a bit of a niche relaxed game and I have no doubt someone somewhere is already starting to homebrew a campaign already, that’s if TTCombat isn’t already doing so at the moment, and a good campaign is really the only thing missing at the moment.


Overall its not a bad game all in definitely a bit of fun to be had for what isnt a great deal of out lay compared to some starter sets you can get your starter and/or extra teams and upgrades here which will also helps TTGUK out as well.

If you would like to see more work in progress by the team you can follow our Facebook page, and we are trying to raise funds for more site upgrades and recording equipment on Patreon as well.



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  1. Great game me and all my kids love playing it, Simple rules and great narrative is made when my children are explaining how their Halfling wrestler is heroically lifting a troll and manages to throw him out the ring for the win.

    • you have to love kids imagination, i have yet to try with my kids, but one probably wouldn’t be interested the other would probably try and eat it!

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