Guild Ball Charactors and Story Progression

Now we have had the Season 3 release and the player list has been updated its starting to look as if I was right, Guild Ball has legs and is still going strong the new release boxes are such and awesome idea, the only fly in the ointment is the nearly three year wait for the two player starter box but hey not everyone is perfect and it was well worth the wait, even Mark was suitably impressed.

But I have a question, or more probably a query really that I hope someone from StreamForged Games can answer, they probably already have and I haven’t noticed it, in the story line many characters have moved on Brisket has gone from a baby faced Butchers player to a hardened vet battling for the captaincy of the Butchers Guild, which she lost and has now come over to the Union as a Captain no less in her seasoned form, now I’m all for this story progression and with the release of Benediction and Grace we now have high ranking members of the Church of Solthecian in play one of whom’s mission is to watch over the heinous usurper, that’s Rage.

This is just one plot line, other guilds have them going on as well but I think this is the biggest one going at the moment, mainly because there are more links than meets the eye, so what about the older versions of these charactors, now while I’m not saying that’s they should be put up and never played with again, I still run a pretty much pure season 1 union team, although now am leaning towards sBrisket very heavily at the moment, surely in the more competitive leagues and indeed the top tier tournaments, Steam-Con Worlds and Vengence, only the newest version of a charactor should be legal, I’m not saying this to oust people, but it could shake up the metas even more and if the story line is developing well you could very well end up with the focus of a new story line coming straight out off the Smog-Con or Vengeance competition, something like that would be so cool, much like the Butchers Civil War but much more open ended, and in the players hands as well, now no doubt the SFG guys have a plan, it’s working so far, but something like this where players can if only in a small way influence the whole world is astounding, they have done it once and I hope they do it again.

During the week Guild Ball will once again feature on the blog in my Salute Round up, how many hugs did it take to get some information for the SFG guys?

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