Warhammer 40k – Turning it up to 11

The Games Workshop team of Pete Foley and Andy Smillie put together a great Q&A session on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page which should shortly be available on their YouTube channel.  Note: fast forward to ~17 minutes, I think they had streaming issues.

I recommend that any fan of the game, old or new, watches it through but here are my key notes.  There are footnotes at the bottom for the older gamers with deja vu.

  1. Move Value is coming back ¹,²
  2. Armour Modifiers also ¹,²
  3. Models strike first on the charge ³
  4. All models have a wound characteristic *
  5. Everything can wound everything else *
  6. Fluffy armies are rewarded with Command Points enabling them to play as per their fluff indicates.
  7. Still a D6 game.
  8. 3-ways to play: Narrative (scenario driven), matched play (points) and open-play (empty the toy cupboard).*
  9. Every current model will get new rules.
  10. Command Points will allow things like ‘Interrupt Fire’ on charging units.
  11. Force Organisation Chart will have 14 variants ranging from fluffy (max Command Points) to full-on cheese monger (no Command Points).
  12. No more templates!
  13. Re-balanced: the team have taken the opportunity to fix OP units.
  14. A 40k Army Builder app will follow *
  15. Two sets of points: ‘narrative’ for quick match-ups of roughly even value and ‘competitive’ for to-the-point accuracy.
  16. Use of Keywords to stop the abuse of Allies *
  17. Some heavy weapons do multiple wounds ¹,²
  18. People who bought Codices within the 8 weeks leading up to 22nd April can contact Customer Services to get a voucher to compensate. (T&C’s apply, don’t quote me).
  19. Finally, the stat line will no longer stop at ’10’.

Games Workshop really have turned it up to 11…

or 12…

or 13…

As seen in ¹ Rogue Trader, ² 2nd edition), ³ Warhammer Fantasy Battle, * Age of Sigmar

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