Deadzone: Enter the Plague

A while ago David showed some nice insights into using a Zombie Horde in Deadzone, now while Mark is starting to catch the Deadzone bug, if you would like to see his conversion speech it can be found here, I am busy doing some list building both for my own games and some upcoming games that me and Mark will hopefully film and put out on the YouTube Channel.

So going with the popular notion that Mark will pretty much stick to the box to begin with, I think I have a few weeks window of grace here, I am going to start my lists with the Plague, why because I think they look cool and whilst I will probably always end up going Enforcers in any kind of competition, at the moment there are still some awesome Plague sculpts available. So going in at 200 points, I am pretty sure I am going to be out activated so I am not even going to worry to much about that, I now have three big Plague models which is the 1st gen, the Aberration and the Plague Terraton, so these are going to be the core despite two off them being specialists and signals a clear intent on the munching of opponents in melee.

So the Commander is a mighty 1A its ‘mantic splat’ army rule whilst not as generically helpful as the 3A general could still turn tides immensley in my favour, if I manage to cook the right result up.

Troop wise I am at an absolute loss as to what to take, mainly because I can take so many, so whilst David has listed the virtues of a zombie horde (at 200 points thats 30 zombies) I prefer a somewhat smaller force, yes I know an oxymoron when discussing plague, so instead 2 Hellhounds should give me some threatening presence around the board, a trio of 3A gives me a little bit of firepower but going up against enforcers or any armoured opponent could be tricky and a stage 2a should give the force a bit of bite.

Specialists are a much easier topic of conversation Abberation and Teraton, yes please to both, opponent munching opportunities ahoy, unsure on what else to take I have plumped for another trio of 3A, this time specialists each armed with a HMG the weight of fire rule lets me reroll a miss and suppression automatically pins anything in the cube so what I cant kill I can easily keep in place for the following turn, with something large or just mean.


Now while I am trying to kid myself that this is a rounded out force I know that I am going to be out activated and out shot at every turn, and whilst trying to go for a mixed force I have probably made my game slightly harder than it could be, but for the time being I like it, so until I get absolutely slaughtered or come up with a variation off the zombie horde (3a General/Terraton/Abberation/Zombie Dog/Zombies/more zombies) that I like I will see how this plays for a few games, this is in fact a slight variant of a more competitive list I made that comes scarily close to Enforcer number of models.

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