The Dragonfather Turok Rises 

Well you may have seen my brief looks at some of the other Command books from privateer press over the last few months, well this morning the one I have been waiting for arrived! The Dragonfather is coming!Yes coming very soon is the Cryx Command book which for me was a bitter sweet moment on opening, but I will come to that shortly. The Command book is jam packed full of glorious undead pictures and necromachines of which even the most prolific Lich Lord will ache to get hold of, out off all the ‘Studio’ colour schemes this is the one I have tried and failed to keep the closest to, for me it just looks so necrotic and dead, whilst eluding a cool glowing look.

So as with other command books, you get a lot of history and fluff, some is pretty much obvious, others are very well written, Cryx have such a variety of units so a complete force can look either like a mass regimented army or a blood thirsty dead random collection of people, that’s another thing that drew me to the Cryx, and pretty much every unit puts there own little bit into the story of the rise of the Dragonfather.

So what is the only let down off the book, it’s only a small thing but it still irritated me, well all the other forces seem to have gotten two themed forces both with different looks and feels to them, however the Cryx just got them one, a very themed and potentially strong list but still, could have been a bit more there, however saying that my Warjack heavy force shouldn’t suffer from this quite badly as I was expecting as they all now have Hyper Aggression which allows them to make a full move towards an enemy that causes damage to them when they aren’t moving, granted that this could potentially pull them away from my Warcasters Command Aura and cause me problems but it would be a very brave opponent that attacks my Seether Warjacks now. The Cryx themed Force Infernal Machines allows command units, non-charator solo or Necrosurgeons to be added for each 20 points spent on thralls, the Hyper Aggression rule I mentioned above and also one Mechanithrall unit gains ambush. So all in despite the lack of choice on the Themes the army list provided look strong and has a lot of potential, and I don’t think I have to obtain to much stuff before I can use it.

All the unit stats are in the new book, and with Privateer Press withdrawing cards from its blisters this could prove to be an invaluable tool. The Command Book also has an abridged painting guide to the Cryx studio colour scheme as well as two alternate paint schemes as well, which look almost as good. So keeping all this in mind it really has jumped to my must have for Cryx.

The Cryx Command is due for release on the 27th April but you can pre-order it now from Element Games


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  1. According to Privateer Press, Cryx is going to be receiving a Bane theme in a coming No Quarter, and will be previewing it for testing in Community Integrated Development soon.

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