Looking Forward to Salute

Normally the two game shows I go to each year are Salute and Diceni but unfortunately Diceni has been put on hold this year due to the organiser getting married so I’m going to have to look for another show later in the year but for now its the Gran Daddy of them all Salute tomorrow!!!!

So what am I looking forward to this year?  Well quite a bit really, I have a shopping list primed, like last year it will get forgotten about in all the excitement, and a list off stalls that I must visit, again like last year will get forgotten about in all the excitement. Mark, Jez and I will be there decked out in our finest TTGUK attire if you see us say hi (you might win a game!) we don’t get the chance to get out often as a group, but hopefully we will have all been fed so we shouldn’t bite.

So as well as exploiting various offers that are available during the day there are three games I must try and see if not play at the very least, Dark Souls, yes I know big steamforged fan and hoping that it lives up to my expectations that are stupidly high after Guild Ball, speaking of which their new sets are on the purchase list. The Third Law which has just been cancelled on Kickstarter but will be back in a few months with a new redesign campaign, a great bunch of guys and a seriously good game, and the third must see for me is The Drowned Earth Stand, the demo board should just look awesome and I really cant wait to see how well the game goes, maybe even have a quick game of hunt the T-Rex.

Thats my Gold Hit List, my Silver Hit list is much much larger I must go and see the UKs First Lady of Gaming Wendy over on the Westwind stand, she has two of the TTGUK team doing demos so might say Hi to them as well, Mantic is very high on the list because after five minutes of talking to Ronnie everyone is so enthused about gaming its unreal, the Deadzone Demo board looked awesome last year can’t wait to see what they are doing for Warpath and The Walking Dead, both of which are on the shopping list as well.  It would be great to catch up with the warlord guys, hopefully one off them will be a bit loose lipped about the next 12 months plans for Gates of Antares and Dr Who.

Oathsworn has got to be worth a look with new greens on display and a new demo board should prove to be a great change of themes with so much historical and sci-fi kicking about little animals battering each other with broadswords is just such a fun change of pace and Jo and Micheal are really nice to chat to as well. DMB is going to be a good look at for some scenic items as well. There is so much to do and see that I think its going to be impossible to get round everywhere I want to be and talk to everyone I would like to speak to but I shall give it a damn good try.


There really is way to much to do in just one day, I think I would struggle to even get round in 2 days with the amount going on. Currently I am planning on spending the day today really shortlisting some stands I really want to spend some time at.  -Darren.

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