TTGUK Paints: Test of Honour Week Three

Welcome back to part two, week three of our Test of Honour painting challenge!  Last time around we checked out our builds and some of us even managed to stick together our figures.  This time there is paint on our figures so step inside and check it out!

Since I built the whole team I thought I would paint the whole team all at once.  I do find that batch painting gives a more consistent finish so I prefer it.  Undercoating in black I’ve mainly used the foundry paints range to achieve what I’m hoping is a scruffy looking yet unified force with a strong red and deep blue theme tying the figures together.  Hopefully once they’re based up there won’t be any doubt that they’re from the same force.  The aim will be to carry those colours through into a more standardised pattern on the more military figures to allow me to mix and match at will.  I even managed to add a bit of stubble and some facial detailing plus an embroidery of a snow covered Tori gate on Masahiro’s back.  Overall I’m very pleased with how these guys are coming along and I’m happy that the extra time I’m spending is getting a worthwhile result.  Next time I’m fairly sure I’ll have my 24 points plus a bit more finished!

It has been a busy couple of weeks since the last TTGUK paints article, I have managed to get a small amount done on my force since then but not as much as I would have liked. I managed to get the majority of my force built just needing to get another 2 loyal spearmen and the mounted samurai built. When it comes to painting I decided to paint all the commoner units in muted greys, browns and beige, I wanted to save the brighter colours for my samurai and other characters. So with this in mind, I managed to make a start on some bowmen but I’m not overly happy with the colour scheme so I may go back and change them at a later date. I have painted the Geisha model for a video painting tutorial on the TTGUK YouTube page and she was loads of fun and a wonderful model to paint. Next I really need to try to get a game in but for now, I’m going to go and stare at my archers a bit more and decide if I like them or not.

A mixed bag from me I am afraid.  I worked out my list in the first week and got most of it built, by the end of week two I had everything built and undercoated as well as got a sneaky holiday with the family in hence lack of updates from me, then I brought the Cavalry box.  Now for some reason cavalry are being decried as evil, useless and sometimes a lot worse online so I thought I would go really left field with my force and with the teams agreement I have had my points limit raised to 25, not 100% sure why, but I wont argue, so my list is now a full on cavalry warband, led by either Widow Takeda Naoko, or a plain Hero, a Samurai with a bow and three archers, now in theory according to the internet my force should just about fall flat on its face against everything else in the game, but I do genuinely see some massive advantages, first off I have less to paint! I can also get around the board a lot quicker than anyone else will be able to, my mounted samurai can potentially move 12″ and fire in a turn, alternatively can move shoot and then back away to be out of range for the next turn! Coupled with Takemda Naoka’s free The Side of Right Honour card I can also use the same trick with a commoner unit as well…

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m terrible when it comes to the start of a Project.  It takes me ages to get going, but once I do it tends to be fine.  Sadly I’m only just getting going which isn’t good.  I need to pull my finger out.  My force though is totally assembled and I have started painting my Samurai as well, my plan with these is to make them all look a little different even though they share common colour elements.  Normally I undercoat in black but with these, I went for an oft used grey as I knew this wouldn’t make the models appear too dark and it would make pulling off bright colours a lot easier.

So my 3 Samurai will be my hero, his younger brother with the Yari and an old family retainer with his No-Dachi once that arrives from Assualt Group.  I just need to get on with the rest then :/

Well these aren’t fiddly at all! I’ve got most of them made now but it was really hard going with the amount of gluing that is needed. So with Salute around the corner I’m looking to bulk them out with some of the Perry’s Samurai range. But I’m still hoping to get these undercoated and started by the end of the week. My plan is still to play the more dishouable side of the game so I’ll be using blacks and reds as my colour scheme to show both my darker side and the anger of sticking the figures together!

That’s all for this week but remember that if you enjoyed this we’ve got lots more to come from the team on Test of Honour and more besides so sign up for notifications and like the Facebook page to keep up to date! Thanks




  1. I’m painting my 5 samurai at the moment, but its taking me longer than I thought. Trying to make them all look different but also recognisable as coming from the same army takes much longer than batch painting the normal troops.

    • Yeah, what I do is try to keep to the same colours and paint that colour regardless of where on the figure and do small batches of fives. They’re really cool figures once you get going on them! Make sure to let us have a look when they’re done!

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