Warhammer 40k Battle Report – Get to da choppa!

Tempestus Scions guard the Valkyrie

Whilst I enjoy the missions in the 40k Rule Book, there is nothing quite like putting your own together.  The objective of this one is fairly simple: the Grey Knight HQ choice must get to the extraction point by the end of the game (5-7 turns) and the Orks must stop him.  Due to Warp Storms no teleportation can be used and only the specially modified Valkyrie can risk the flight out.  The only drawback is the best extraction point is in the middle of an Ork settlement!  The Grey Knights must bulldoze their convoy through the town and “get to da choppa”.

Imperial Setup: an insertion squad of Tempestus Scions (~500 points) hold the area around the Valkyrie.  The Grey Knights (1500 points) must all choose transports (no teleporters and nothing that can move at less than 12″ in the Movement phase).  Imperials get first turn and the Grey Knights automatically come in from reserve on the left hand side.

Ork Setup: caught unawares, the Orks (2000 points) can set up in two 36×12″ areas either side of the convoy entrance point.  No flyers or jetbikes, minimal transports.  Lots of boys to represent the busy town.

Ork forces (me): 30 grots with slavers, 30 Slugga Boys, 20 Slugga Boys, 21 Shoota Boys, 10 Stormboys, 10 Tankbustas, 3 Zzap Guns, 3 Kans, 1 Dread, Shokk Attack Big Mek, Mega-Armoured Big Mek, MA Warboss and 4 MA Nobs on a Trukk.

My brother-in-law and long-time gaming friend Rick took the Imperial Forces.

Tempestus Scions Force: Command Squad (melta, plasma) & Taurox Prime (battle cannon),  8 trooper squad, 9 trooper squad (both squads with flamer, grenade launcher).

Grey Knights: Librarian Yorrick with 5 Termies (not shown) in a Land Raider Redeemer, 6 Purifiers in a Razorback (twin assault cannon), 2x 10 Knight Strike Squad in Rhinos.

Deployment: the Valkyrie was parked approximately three turns of flat-out movement distant, hatch down, engines running (the Scions deployed after the Orks).

The Ork forces were split roughly evenly, the Zzap guns struggling to find a good vantage point.

Imperial turn one: the convoy roared on.  Rick chose to get some firing in rather than going nuts out for speed.  This dropped a few Orks but made no real impact on their numbers.

Ork turn one: the Ork forces steamed forward but with only Power Klaws really capable of taking out the Land Raider with the Librarian in it, they would have their work cut out.  The Shokk Attack Gun on the building started to hum ominously but the Big Mek bottled out and released the power too early, doing no damage to the Redeemer.

Further up the road the Kans, Dread and MA HQ trukk moved up to block the way.  The grots and Shoota Boys started to advance on the Scions.

The massed Ork firepower managed to wreck a single Strike Squad’s Rhino and the boys took the opportunity to ‘ave sum!  The two Power Klaws (Slugga and Stormboy Nobs) inflicted two glancing hits on the Redeemer but couldn’t stop it.

Grey Knights turn two: Rick decided to take the back roads through the town.  The Redeemer floored it and forced a path through the Orks.  The Orks may look dumb but the Nob knew better than to try and Death or Glory the tank.  The remaining Rhino followed up behind the Redeemer to give covering fire.

The Purifiers let out a devastating blast of psychic energy and Cleansing Flame wrought havoc amongst the three closest Ork units.  The Grey Knights pressed home their attack and purified more of the Xenos scum with holy bolter fire.  If that wasn’t bad enough, two failed morale tests led to even more casualties as the respective Nobs restored ‘dissaplin’.  Meanwhile the Redeemer and Rhino went Flat Out to put more distance between them and the Orks.  The Razorback stayed back to give covering fire.

The Scions had moved up and caused more losses to the Shoota Boys.  Undeterred, the Boys held their ground.

The assault phase saw the Slugga Boys Nob get so angry at his lads poor performance in combat that he battered the last of them himself.

Orks Turn Two:  The Kans and Dread turned and headed towards the Valkyrie as they realised they could be outflanked here.  The Trukk made a bee-line for the Redeemer but the Warboss and retinue wouldn’t be able to charge yet.  The Stormboy Nob and few remaining Slugga Boys went after the Rhino.  The Tankbusta boys finally made it on to the top of the building only to find that their main prey was now out of sight and range.

The Tankbustas and Zzap guns failed to do anything to the retreating Rhino.  The Big Mek summoned the courage to let his mek-nificent creation spin up to full power and fired.  The shot scattered slightly but it resulted in a Warp Vortex being generated which destroyed the Redeemer in a single hit! (Double 6 on the Shock Attack Gun followed by 6 on the Destroyer table – far and away the best he’s ever done).  The passengers bailed out but were now on foot a long way from the Valkyrie.

Back at entrance to town, the Rhino-less Strike Squad polished off the Slugga Boy Nob and set their sights on the Zzap guns.  The Stormboy Nob and his one remaining Boy were Incinerated by Overwatch from the Rhino-mounted Strike Squad and the Nob-less Slugga Boys failed to make any impression on the Rhino.

At the impromptu airport, the grots and Shoota Boys advance as the United staff Tempestus Scions continue to forcefully insist that the flight off-world is overbooked.  However, the Greenskins don’t take easily to being ‘re-accommodated’ and managed to take out a few of them.

Grey Knights Turn Three: the Strike Squad wiped the Zzap guns out in a single round of combat and consolidated towards the Tankbustas.  At the airport, the Taurox Prime took out one Kan but their nerve held.  On the other side of town, the Rhino-mounted Strike Squad tried to put themselves between the Trukk and the Terminators but couldn’t quite pull it off.  The Terminators needed to make a 6″ charge to get into the grots, mash them and consolidate nearer the Valkyrie.  They rolled 4″…

Orks Turn Three: the Tankbustas, robbed of a decent vehicle target, turned their attention to the Strike Squad.  In an unprecedented display of accuracy (luck), they manage to hit and kill all five in one round of shooting.  Meanwhile on the rough side of town, the Mega-Armoured Warboss, Big Mek and Nobs got out of the Trukk.  They and the grots opened up with everything in their arsenal and managed to drop two of the Termies.

The Orks charged in and overwhelmed the Grey Knights in a brutal display of combat.  Librarian Yorrick lay dead, the Orks had won…

This was a close game with a couple of pivotal moments: if the Redeemer hadn’t been destroyed… if the Terminators had made their charge into the grots.  Maybe we’ll run it again and reverse sides or even the factions involved.  If we do, you’ll read about it here first.

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