Road to Warpath part 2 – Force selection

It has been a very busy month for me hobby-wise with the TTGUK paints Test of Honour and trying to get a demo table ready for Salute, my Warpath force has taken a bit of a back seat. I have only managed to get a small amount of painting done having spent the majority of my free time creating my first list and building the models. In this article, I am going to take you through the force I have chosen and my reasons behind picking these units.

The rule book recommends a force of 1250 points for standard games of Firefight. With this in mind, I decided to aim for this size force for my first army build. Enforcers, being an elite army, will you get very few models for your points – with most units hitting the 200 points mark with upgrades. I started my build with the models that come in the main Warpath box set: a Peacekeeper captain, 5 Enforcers, 5 Peacekeepers and 5 pathfinders with a D.O.G drone. Then I added an extra units from my collection of models. This is the list I chose:

  • Enforcer captain (95 pts), Peacekeeper armour (40pts)
  • Enforcer unit (135), 1 extra Enforcer (24), Burst laser (20), Vet Lieutenant (40)
  • Enforcer unit (135), 1 extra Enforcer (24), Burst laser (20), Vet Lieutenant (40)
  • Pathfinder unit (150), D.O.G drone (13), Vet Lieutenant (50)
  • Peacekeeper unit (185), Burst laser (12), Vet Lieutenant (40)
  • Enforcer jetbike unit (70)
  • Enforcer strider Polaris pattern (160)

The Enforcer captain will lead my force from the front. He is tough model to kill, with his Peacekeeper armour and the Protection special rule, he employs any regular enforcer unit within 8″ to jump to his aid when under attack. The Anti-grav rule makes him mobile like the others, enabling him to move around the battlefield freely to where I need him the most

The two units of Enforcers are the backbone of my force, they have good mobility because of the Anti-grav rule and can put down large amounts of fire from their inclusion of the burst laser. My plan is to use these units to hold strategic assets with the support of the captain.

My unit of pathfinders are going to be my fire support unit, armed with sniper rifles that can fire up to 40″, their job will be to suppress fast enemy units and pick off leaders. The D.O.G drone adds the extra weight of fire from its burst laser, but more importantly including it in the force allows me to re-roll one command dice per turn which could make the difference when trying to get that important order off.

I felt I would need some hard hitters in my force and this is where the Peacekeepers come in. With their defence of 6+ they can shrug of large amounts of small arms fire, as well as some heavy weapon punishment, without loosing their nerve. I plan to use their mobility from the anti grav rule to get them to strategic points across the battlefield, where they should be able to hold off the most determined assaults adding their firepower to support the rest of the force.

A unit of jetbikes are going to be my quick response group zipping around the flanks to deal with enemy heavy guns or snatching an objective where it’s needed. Lastly, a Polaris pattern strider to deal with tanks, vehicles or heavy infantry should round off the force.

The peacekeeper, Pathfinder and both Enforcer units have been given the Veteran lieutenant upgrade giving them the command (1) trait. This adds 1 command dice for each unit to my command pool adding to this the 2 that come from the captain that gives me a healthy 6 command dice to play with. Now, to saddle up the troops and find an opponent for my first game!- Matt


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