Learning Curve: Deadzone Campaigns

Some of you will have read my initial thoughts on Deadzone a few weeks back.  Well since then I’ve played again, loved it again and decided to invest my money in some for myself.  The pictures are actually from my first two games in which I am undefeated so I also signed up for a campaign.  That’s where my problem started…

The problem if you can call it that is that 500 points is quite a lot and given that I only have the options from the box I guess I needed to try and maximise my options right?  Option 1 would be magnets to give me all of the possible arms I guess but I dislike magnetizing arms because invariably something will go wrong.  So I’m going for option 2 which is assembling the 11 Enforcer figures I own in the most efficient way I can?

I have no idea what constitutes a ‘good’ list for Deadzone to be honest but so far I’ve had good success with boots on the ground as opposed to toys so that’s the approach I’m going for.  My 500 points (unless you guys tell me I’m stupid) is therefore;
Pathfinder Sergeant
4 X DOG drones
2 X Enforcer Specialists with Incinerators
2 X Enforcer Specialists with Burst Lasers
4 X Pathfinder Specialists with Sniper Rifles
3 X Assault Enforcers
5 X Enforcers
5 X Pathfinders

Plus in the stores 4 Smoke Grenades, 2 Medipacks, 1 Thermal Mine, 1 Holo Sight, 1 AP Ammo (I have not a clue on this area though, the smoke is to cover snipers getting into position, the medipacks will be to help with long term survivability and the other bits were mainly because I could afford them!)

The plan is to roughly be able to field the same 150 point ‘all the mans’ list for every battle give or take.  Obviously swapping them around as casualties are inflicted and depending upon opposition.

To build this from the starter set I need the DOG drone obviously, 1 Pathfinder to have just a pistol so he can be my Sergeant and another to be the specialist.   That leaves me with 3 normal pathfinders.  I’ll need two of the Enforcers to be the specialists, one of each kind from the kit.  One of the remaining fellas will be made as an Assault Enforcer, to be honest I’m not sure how useful one of those is but in the future he can double as an Enforcer Captain.  The remaining two will be regular Enforcers.  That gives me the figures I need for my campaign list (however dull it might look) and also the figures to assemble the 150 point strike team I will need on the nights they must go to war!

Anyway, now would be a great time to leap in and tell me that I’m doing it wrong!  Obviously if I’m bang on the money then let me know that too, compliments are always gratefully received.  I just want to have a few more games under my belt before saying definitively why you should buy this but hang around until then!  Cheers – Mark

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