Good: Friday the Giveaway Continues

A little while ago I revealed that we’re having a really Good giveaway at Salute courtesy of the Nice (I see what you’re doing here -Ed.) people over at Project Good.   Well I’m back to tell you that they have released a new game and that the giveaway is even Nicer!

Yes that lovely fellow over at Project Good is releasing TiRoBEx today!  Yep Tiny Robots Big Explosions is their newest venture and if you like small robots and large craters everywhere (and let’s face it who doesn’t really?) then it’s well worth checking it out

In addition he has very kindly upped the prize pool from the Good: The Battle game to include Nice: the Expansion too!  Adding further madness to the already frantic games of GtB you can play means that you’ve got even more excuses to make use of the giant flying monster with guns all over it you just purchased at Salute!!!

Make sure you check out the give away details here for the rules and I hope to see you at ExCel on the 22nd!  That is all, you can go back to your long weekend now.

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