The Third Law has Launched

The Third Law Primogenis first miniature game was launched on Kickstarter last night and it doesn’t disappoint.
The kickstarter is booked to be delivered April 2018 so in relative terms not to bad a turn around, just under a year, just 12 short months until you can start trashing your opponents wreckers and hacking there neural links and generally partaking in what will be one off the hottest releases of 2018 Q2 releases.

£89 (or equivalent local money) will get you a full enhanced array which is a few miniatures over what you will need to play so you can have a few options ready to go from day one, I really i can’t stress how much fun this game is and how cool the models look.

I am trying at the moment to get a picture of some of the Huge models which i predicted and have appeared as stretch goals, if your on the fence you can download the print and play resources which will allow you to play the full beta game with everything you need (a basic array) you wont be disappointed the rules are clear and simply but there is such a tactical depth that even playing the same team no two games should go the same way.

Why am I so excited by this game, well as you may have noticed in some of my articles I have played the game with one of the designers, now while a lot off what was discussed can’t be divulged yet, they definitely are talking the talk, holding the prototype miniatures and you get a feel that they know how to walk the walk, play the game and it will sell itself, the creative team will also be at Salute this year so if you need a dose of infectious chat with a few really dedicated and enthusiastic games designers then go check them out, you never know me and David might be in the midsts of a rematch.

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