Warhammer 40k – How to magnetise a Landraider Crusader / Redeemer

Land Raider Crusader

I have very understanding relatives who are perfectly happy to buy a 40-something man a model kit of a tank for his birthday or Christmas.  My last birthday was no different and I was lucky enough to receive the awesome-looking Land Raider Crusader / Redeemer kit from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k range.  I really needed a new one as I have been using for years an old Rogue Trader one which is now ripe for Quantum Leaping.

As has been my way recently, I am trying, wherever possible, to magnetise the build options on these lovely kits.  The Land Raider Crusader / Redeemer kit comes with two main weapon options for its sponsons: huge Flamestorm cannons or, alternatively, Hurricane Bolters.

I built the kit up as far as I could allowing for the customisation to come and also the spray painting:

Note the gaps left for the weapon mounts are at the front of the Land Raider.  This is for two reasons:

1. Increased range for both flamers and bolters, even if it’s only a couple of inches.

2. Who puts the access door in front of a gun?

Next, the weapon sponsons.  The first thing was to try a few ‘dry-fits’ to work out how the options were supposed to go together and what components would need modification in order to support both.  The main weapon pivot is the key part (shown below).  I worked out that its short spigot needed to be trimmed flush on the side shown and replaced with a 3mm diameter x 1mm thick rare earth magnet.  These magnets are easily available through eBay.

Note the orientation and check twice before cutting off the short spigot rather than the longer one.  The long spigot mounts the guns, the short one mounts either the flamer tank or the bolter targeting array.   The image below shows the sponson pivot pointing almost fully backwards relative to the Raider and the short spigot already replaced by a flush-fitting magnet.









Starting with the flamer option.

The flamer tank requires a magnet in the moulded hole and a magnet in the inner flat face of the ‘hose’ section.  This makes it a lot easier to get off for weapon swaps.

The flamer itself needs a magnet at the back that lines up with the ‘hose’ magnet.  It will also need one on the outer face to hold the shield on.

Once fitted, the flamer will pivot up and down with a friction fit from the longer spigot on the main weapon pivot.

The shield is a bit of a knife and fork job.  I had to cut away half of the internal rectangular spigot and replace it with a magnet.  You may also need to reduce the height of the spigot to help it fit.  Check you’ve got the right shield before cutting as they are almost identical at a glance.


The finished flamer assembly.  Repeat process on the opposite side.

The Hurricane Bolter assembly is much simpler.  It only needs one magnet in the main gun.  This is to hold the shield in place.

The targeting array has a single magnet put into the moulded hole so that it finishes flush to surface.   Repeat for the opposite side: finished.

Time to crush the enemies of the Imperium!

Land Raider Crusader

Land Raider Redeemer

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