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A few people may have seen me sharing facebook content about a game that is live on kickstarter now called The Drowned Earth, this project which looks absolutely lush and the boards they had out for Salute 2017 looked amazing.
Now here is where I must apologise as I have had the models a while but a few where missing a few bits, well not missing Per Se but a model with two right arms looks a bit odd to say the least so some reviewer somewhere has a model with two left arms, could be quite amusing to look at and wonder what looks odd about the model.

So what is The Drowned Earth well if you imagine a lush tropical Utopia and then drop a few shattered city scapes into it your probably not far off the cover art. Set in the post-fall of civilisation, with humans mixing reasonable freely with some descendants of genetic experiments created by the arrogant pre-fall civilisations and you’ve got quick and varied selection of races to begin with and that’s just with the more, how should we put it, not going to tear you apart and eat you species.

The Beta rules are available to download at The Drowned Earth website for free, please note though at the moment they are the Beta rules, meaning somethings may change, on the whole they are good, to be honest I found the whole Attribute test, a key component of the game, a bit unwieldy and confusing to begin with but after a few test runs of shooting arrows at other models and various household artifacts, I am seeing where its aiming and why it sets the whole game slightly apart from its peers, and despite me not getting it for a good week or so now I have reread the whole Attribute Tests bit it makes much more sense, and the whole layers of success or failure adds another level of complexity to the game, I will try and get a video done up as soon as the models are painted which should explain this better.

Before Salute I was a backer mainly because the game looked interesting and the rules looked different enough to provide a bit of variety, after Salute however I am looking to see if I can get all in, the painted studio miniatures were just top notch and having got to play a game at Salute (first time in three years) I was blown away by how good it actually is, I still find it hard to explain the fate dice mechanic, but it works really well, adds a bit off unpredictability to the game, and an air of excitement, it also potentially raises an interesting point that you could kill off the entire other team without spending a single action point, but i think i would struggle to do that even with loaded dice, for maximum effect you are going to want to play on jungle based ruins the ease at which the rules deal with moving up and down levels really lends itself to scenic boards with lots of cover and multiple levels, but that being said there is a whole world to play with so pretty much anything would go, jungles ruined cities, deserts even the arctic circle could all make an appearance.

Over all if you are looking for something different with a nice flavour to it this could be what you are looking for, its worth noting as well that this is unbiased on the fact that I tabled the demoer at Salute.

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