Table Top News: 7th April 2017

Welcome to this weeks highlight reel of the news!  Quite a lot this week and a couple of real treats!   I suspect that there may be a slew of releases announced over the next week or so in preparation for Salute too!

First up is the news that Blitzkrieg Commander will be getting a third version.  Amongst the slew of improvements are updated profiles and unit abilities plus a general streamlining of the game.  To grab yourself a copy on pre-order head over here to Pendraken!

Black Scorpion launched and had the Kickstarter for Tombstone funded Wednesday night.  If you want to get in on that gun slinging action head over here to back what looks like a very promising product line with characterful figures and a lovely look to the rules.

Up for pre-order today is the Soviet Mammoth for Konflict 47 and Warlord are also treating us to a 3 tanks for £40 deal at the moment so head over and grab some plastic tanky goodness!

Blotz have a new range of Japanese buildings which might go well with Test of Honour!  They will be at Salute like us so stop by the stand and have a look.  Don’t forget to say hi to us if you see us to win a game!


Mantic Games have released details of some nice looking scenery for Warpath/Deadzone or any sci-fi game you can shake a stick at really!  More details can be found on their blog.

Knight Models have made another stunning looking selection of figures (I have no idea what this scary looking beasty is though so I’m just going to say it’s super cool).  I’m slightly scared that somebody dreamt this up to be honest but I’m sure if you’re in the know then it makes perfect sense!

Broken Toad (who make glorious brushes) have a good little deal on for all you artists so head over and grab a bust or two…

Phew that was a lot of excitement again!  I honestly don’t think that I should get paid, perhaps I should just have all my money divided up and sent to games manufacturers?  -Mark

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