Dash for the Maguffin! 7TV2 at Wayland Games

7TV2 at Wayland in Hockley

Friday night saw another epic clash at Hockley’s Wayland Games – with members of the Basildon District Wargamers (Big Dirty Wargamers…) – with casts from Crooked Dice Game Design Studio’s 7TV Second Edition.  For more information on the game check out my previous piece to see what it’s all about.


With myself, Club Chairman George, and Club Treasurer Richard each taking a 20 point cast, the plan was simple; a mad dash for the Maguffin at the centre of the warehouse district board – the winner determined by whoever had taken the most objectives (with the Maguffin being the ‘star prize’!), with the number of kills being taken into account.


George took a Criminal cast – with his Underworld Boss star ‘Big George’, and his hardbitten gang ‘The Proper Charlies’ featuring ‘Christmas-Trousers Charlie’ and ‘Flasher-Mac Charlie’.


Richard took an Action cast, with suave gentleman spy ‘James Blonde’ at the fore supported by a slew of Spectrum Captains, whilst I took my Folk Horror Cultists supernatural cast with Supernatural menace Lord Sir Christopher Merryweather and his henchmen Damson and Blackberry.

At 20 points each, we were each fielding small casts, so every casualty made a difference to strategy and the chance of claiming the Maguffin. I lucked out with my Gadget draw (each cast gets a chance to draw 70′ sci-fi gadgets that they can use to swing the odds in their favour) pulling some climbing suckers which I used to position a sharpshooting cultist at the top of an over looking abandoned warehouse…

… my sniping reign of terror however was nipped in the bud by turn three, as George sent ‘Christmas-Trousers Charlie’ into the building after me. One quick billy club to the head and Damson was down…


Meanwhile, outside near the old abandoned well, Lord Sir Merryweather engaged with the brave and heroic Lt. Green from Spectrum.


The game raced, with James Blonde claiming the Maguffin, only to be shot in the back by Big George, whilst he was distracted in hand to hand with one of my seemingly undying cultists…

With Blonde out of the picture, Lord Sir Merryweather and the cultist Blackberry made short work of the remaining Gangsters – a victory for the forces of Darkness…


You can check out the Crooked Dice Home Page here, and the 7TV Facebook page here!  Crooked Dice will be at Salute too where you can check out all the figures and the game.  Don’t forget that there’s a chance to win a game just by saying hi!

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