Salute: a Learning Curve of it’s own.

Inspired by David’s shopping list a week or so ago I thought I’d rattle through the stands I’m most looking forward to visiting and the games that have caught my eye before the big day!  Normally I have a list and know what I’m going to get before I set out but this year I thought I might do something different and just grab whatever looks cool.

The full list can be found here and this year it’s gigantic and frankly I’m looking forward to it all.  Highest on the list has to be Japanese terrain pieces like Jez’s new temple bell for playing a certain feudal Japanese game Test of Honour.  Fore-runners are obviously Sarissa and TT Combat but I’m also keen to check out 4Ground because I’m lazy and it’s already painted!

Anvil Industry always put on a good show on their display/game and make lovely kits so I might extend the Afterlife collection a little?  Sticking to sci-fi there’s Mantic Games who are sure to be showing off my new beau Deadzone’s big brother Warpath.  Warmill make awesome looking infinity terrain for my growing collection of sci-fi buildings too and you can never have too many buildings right?

Obviously I’d like to stop in at Warlord Games and say hi, possibly grab a few more Samurai?  Do I need more?  Regardless I do need somewhere to put the existing ones so a box of some kind is in order!  KR Multicase is good value but Battle Foam is also calling, hmmm.

Having recently played Guild Ball again and decided that maybe it’s not such a confusing mess as previously thought I could perhaps look at Steamforged but it’s quite the investment so I’m still on the fence.  Sticking with sports games though Rumbleslam does look amazing!

Oh dear, it’s started already.  I have a distinct feeling I might have empty pockets again at the end of the day!  Still I will have a nice big bag of goodies!  Speaking of which remember to catch me for a picture and win yourself a game on the day!  Go here for all the really Good details and I look forward to saying hi on the day! -Mark

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