Table Top News: 31st March 17

Well I have the helm for a week before going off on my jolly holidays so lets see if I can fill the shoes that Mark started to build.  Welcome to this weeks news round up!

Alessio Cavatore has been listening hard to the Bolt Action community and the Bolt Action Second Edition FAQ is now ready to download. You can check the PDF out for FREE here. Let it never be said that Warlord don’t listen.

Jez has really got a bee in his bonnet about a certain oriental themed game and is driving the staff totally nuts at the moment.  I am fully expecting one day soon to see a picture of him all dressed up in traditional garb, if you want to follow along with what has got him so hot under the collar you can check it out here.  Keep your eyes peeled for TTGUK Paints: A Tale of Five Samurai!

TTGUK has launched a new YouTube channel!  At the moment we need to move all the old stuff over which is a shame but this will be usable by all the staff and allow a much wider variety of videos to start being published very soon…

In Games Workshop news Black Library and Warhammer Digital are being split into two, although only one account is needed to access both sites.  Warhammer Digital will contain Painting Guides rules and gaming resources whilst Black Library will contain even more adrenaline fuelled fictions from across all the GW brands.

It has been announced that Gloomhaven, after selling out its first printing run is being commissioned for a second print run this is likely to land with retailers in or around July

Goblin Expansion pre-orders for Jim Henson’s Labyrinth will be closing at the end of March so if you want to guarantee your copy you had better fly over to the website and get your order in now.

Guild Ball starters will be a great way to tempt your mate into an otherwise quite expensive game to grab, more details here.

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