A Rule set too Far: Salute Shopping list.

First, don’t worry ,this isn’t going to be me honking on about how much to spend and what to spend your money on. I think I’m a lot like most gamer’s, some years I have spent to much money for me, had a long list of games I want to start and box sets and so on that I want to pick up. Some years I’ve even sorted out where I’m getting stuff and used the floor plan to work out the route! But not this year.


Last year I picked up a couple of box set for ECW and ACW, so a bit of a civil war fest and how well have I got on with getting the figures on the table? One is almost doneIMAG0324.jpg and the other is still in the box. Am I going to make the same mistake this year? Not likely. Also, last year started a bit of a love in with Mantic games, I was already playing Kings of War and had missed the good old days when everything I played was workshop. That was about 20 years ago so I thought I’d give Mantic a try and play as many games from their range as I could. The above picture was last years haul and the ACW box set is still unopened.

So what am I looking for in 2017, well I still have the ACW box set so no need to really invest into another game. This year I’m looking for single figures, I’m looking to expand what I have with just a character type figure or two. Last year we did a painting thing where we all painted a faction from a game, this can be found here  and it was very good fun, Arcworlde was the game and Halfings was my faction. I found it quite nice taking a little more time painting these guys over the normal line painted you have to do with a box sets. Looking at my Kings of War armies that I have, I do want to expand on them. A winged beast for my orcs would be good and some more undead is a must. Also I want to start a Ratkin army so if any skaven come my way, then I’ll have a look. Ironcross.jpgI always buy some 15mm Napoleonic’s from Essex miniatures so I will get a couple of packs from them. Rule books are my biggest weakness so will probably pick some up with Iron Cross leading the pack. But, for me salute is good for having a good look at whats out there and also a good way to do some deals with the vendor. It’s easier if your buying more, but its still good to bring back the old art of the barter. I have just found out that warlord have finally brought out an ECW source book, click here for details, so that will have to go on the list.

So with an open mind I’ll be looking for more figures to expand the current stuff I have, ACW, ECW, KOW, as long as the game can be abbreviated into three letters I’m your my man!  Make sure you say hi to the guys if you are going to Salute for your chance to win a free game!



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