Road to Warpath

Warpath is a tabletop war game due to be released by Mantic games at the end of April, based in the Warpath universe it comes with two ways to play. The Firefight rule set gives the option to play at a squad based level performing actions with squads individually and removing casualties from the squads on a model basis. The Warpath system plays on a company level, that allows large sprawling battles with actions being performed on blocks of units and casualties stacking up until the whole squad is destroyed. Join me on my journey into this diverse and exciting game as I learn the rules and build a battle force ready for the Mantic open day on the 6th of May.

Originally released five years ago by Mantic with varied success. The original range of armies were limited and models were based mainly around infantry. Over those five years, Mantic have grown the Warpath universe releasing Project Pandora, Deadzone and the high paced sports game Dreadball. With the release of each of these games came an influx of background material along with new alien races that started to bulk out the Warpath universe.

Last year Deadzone was reworked and re-released in a more streamlined version that took the gaming community by storm. Its simple rule system and wide variety of strike force options has made it a popular introduction into gaming, but the game also has the depth to give competitive players plenty of scope for tournament play.

I have been playing Deadzone regularly since its relaunch, taking part in three tournaments last year and I am currently taking part in two separate campaigns. I have really enjoyed taking my Enforcers across the Warpath universe, clearing Deadzones one at a time, but now more pressing matters have called my Enforcer company away.

Regrettably, I never backed the Warpath kickstarter but was able to get the three book rule set shortly after the kickstarter had been delivered to its backers. I read the sourcebook in a matter of days, it was gripping from start to finish, in my opinion this is what Mantic has been missing from their games, a real in-depth look at the history of the universe and the factions fighting for power over it. It was whilst reading the section on the Enforcers that I found my army for the game.

I already had a large collection of Enforcers that I have collected over the years, but could not decide on a colour scheme for them. Then I read the small section on the Black company Enforcers. After the Mandrake rebellion the council of seven decided that no Marauder warlord should be able to raise an army large enough to threaten the GCPS again. When a Marauder warlord does get to big for his boots it’s the Black company who are sent in to deal with it, wearing jet black armour with skulls painted on their helmets I could not resist building an army of these Enforcers.


Above you can see some pictures of the test model I have painted for my force, I will be doing an article on how I painted the Peacekeeper captain soon so make sure you sign up to TTGUK so you don’t miss it. Next time i’ll be discussing Firefight and the force I have chosen to get ready for my first game.

Warpath is currently on the Mantic site for preorder have a look at all that’s available here

Keep your eyes open for the next stage of this journey – Matt

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