Table Top News: 24th March 17

Hello and welcome back to this weeks news round up which surely can’t be as exciting as last week right?
Lets begin with Games Workshop who have been churning out new stuff with frightening pace recently.  Honestly it makes me balk at playing 40K at all…News of an Age of Sigmar gladiatorial combat game (we presume similar to Gorechosen) in Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire!  Plus the Talons of the Emperor complete with brand new Codex is available this weekend and the Death Guard will be getting the flashy new (or rusty slimy?) treatment with new figures and codex shortly.  This weekends pre-orders are mainly Blood Bowl related too which is great news!  Trolls and Orcs coming soon!

The Third Law is prepared for launch on it’s kickstarter campaign beginning the 11th of April so make sure you check out our article series on the game before it gets here and you’re left behind!

As mentioned earlier in the week Warlord Games releasing ‘To Kill a King’ which looks at the English Civil War for Pike & Shotte.  This is a period I’m interested in and quite exciting for us historical players!

Battlefront had already shown us the book but now we have seen the box set for the Desert Rats!  A much loved force for good historical reasons and the desert games were always a lot of fun so this great looking box of plastic tanks would be a great way to jump into the period.  Plus desert camo is super easy!

Knight Models still have their pre-order for the Batman Miniature Game expansion Arkham Knight.  Make sure to grab yours to get a free Arkham Knight model with three head options!

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