Warhammer 40K 8th News!

Warhammer Community have shared the big news from Adepticon on their thoughts etc for the much bandied about 8th edition!  So what have the GW think tank come up with?

Firstly they want to give us three ways to play. 
The General’s Handbook has been one of the most popular rules supplements we’ve ever released. Who’d have thought letting people choose how they wanted to play their games and giving them a clear way to do that would be so popular…? It’s pretty clear from talking to a number of event organisers, that Warhammer 40,000 would benefit from the same approach. So we’ll soon be introducing the same 3 ways to play – open, narrative and matched play – to the 41st Millennium.

Well that’s not really a change at all is it?  People have always played 40K in their own way (at least casually).

Thematic armies will get nifty bonuses!
One of the things that comes up a lot is the idea that people should be rewarded for taking thematic armies. It’s a sentiment we agree with and so we’re looking at introducing Command points. A mechanism to reward players who structure their army like their in-world counterparts, with rerolls and cool army specific rules throughout the game.

I really like this idea and think it’s long overdue.  Does this mean formations are dying though?  Probably not unless they’ll kill the codexes?

Actual rules changes!
We think the Move value should come back. No more default unit types. Every model should have cool bespoke rules. Not only would that be more fun, but it’ll mean you will only need to learn the rules for your models.
Armour save modifiers. This topic comes up almost as often as Sisters of Battle… so we’re going to bring them back. Every weapon will have its place in your army and better represent how you imagine them working in your head.

Well that’s pretty cool I guess though it does mean we have to do a bit of maths every time and mixed armies might be even more things to remember.  So I’m in two minds here.  Plus it functionally makes little difference right?  I mean a melta-gun still melts a Space Marine whilst a bolter gets slightly less good at killing Eldar?

More rules changes!

Charging units should fight first. It’s just more thematic. So we’re hoping to work this out as well. It will reward tactically outmaneuvering your opponent. You can dictate the combats rather than being entirely Initiative based. You control who swings first.

Its no longer all or nothing, and it affects everyone. We’re thinking of replacing break tests with a simple mechanic. Roll a D6, add that to the number of models your unit has lost this turn, subtract your Leadership and take that many additional casualties.

I really like these two, it stops tar-pitting nonsense and makes Assault Marines a little bit better!  Yet to see if powerfists will strike first on the charge but if they do then I suspect we’ll see a return to the Melta-Fist tactical squads…

So far nothing much changes then right?  I guess that we’ll have to sit tight and see though?  If you don’t agree with me though feel free to tell me so! -Mark



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