The Third Law After the Dust Settles

The last in my three articles about The Third Law, the first covered some of the background and the second was a look at the rules and mechanics, this one is more about the rules and answering my main worries as to will the game be fun and will it be different enough to warrant the time and effort needed in investing in a new game.

A full game is intended to be 150 points worth of wreckers and upgrades and according to Dave take about an hour and a half, we played with just five wreckers in our arrays and it was designed to give the best overview as to the game, like any good demo should.

The kickstarter has now been announced as starting on the 11th April 2017 get your wallets ready

First off I have to say this now, I’m sold on the game as it ticks so many boxes for me it’s fast, action packed and has a low model count plus a cool sci-fi setting, you can really see what the guys at Primogenesis are after; an easy to play game that really draws you in and keeps you coming back for more. From the first roll of the dice for initiative (double blank for me) through to my final crushing blow that won the game I found everything to be fun and whilst my enthusiasm for new games is always there this one had me wanting to go back to the table straight away.

I did learn an important lesson whilst sitting chatting to David about the game and that is either record it all on film, thats sorted for next time, or invest in a Dictaphone so I can remember what I am allowed to say and what I am not aloud to say as a some of the conversation was centered around things like the kickstarter and where its planned to go (it’s going to be good).

So what can I remember that I am allowed to say; well the guys are all about community, the play test pack is available now from the website so anyone can print it out and give it a go for free, I would recommend some photo paper for the wreckers and cards to give them a bit more durability, on the forum you can give your opinions as well as potentially win a full array of your choice. There are plans for organised play but then with a game like this why wouldn’t there be there is just so much potential.

The kickstarter is, bar any set back, nailed down and should be announced in a few weeks.  Needless to say as soon as I know a date I will let you guys know too!  Other things that the guys are working on at the moment is a tutorial and a ‘cheat sheet’ for the game, which I would imagine will be redundant after a turn or perhaps two, as the game works in such a no nonsense way that its very easy to pick up.

This week Primogenesis Games have also released a quick play document intending to help you through your first few tuens.

A typical dice roll for me! Double Nothing

The guys from The Third Law will be at Salute this year as will quite a few of us, but Mark is running a very unusual selfie competition which you can read more about here

Thats about all the non secret stuff I can give away for now which isn’t very much but just as soon as they send me some more news (or dare I hint another array to look at) Ill be sure to let you know, also have a look at Patreon to see if you think funding us would be worth your while.  It would help us out with running costs as we try to grow our service!  Many thanks! -Darren








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