Learning Curve: Deadzone Initial Thoughts

Anybody that has followed along with this column will realise by now that I am just an average Wargamer.  I like shiny new stuff, I want to have my input in new games, I like what I like and ooooh a new thing…wait stop that.  The point I’m trying to make is that I, like many of you, want to play all of the games but sadly due to being a father, husband, full time employee of someone other than TTGUK (though I wish that were a real job – give generously so it may be so) it’s tough.  So I’m a little late to the table with Deadzone and to be honest I was sceptical about it.

I’m not sure why because it has a very good reputation.  So if I’m honest I went to the table thinking “let’s get this done so I can say I’ve tried it” which is an awful attitude to go into anything with but I was tired and grumpy.  Two little ‘uns under three will do that to you.  You’ve been warned!  Only kidding I love them both dearly and wouldn’t change that for anything.

Dave (who’s a big fan and has some thoughts on Zombies here) was going to teach me to play and very kindly supplied everything required which was great and the thing that immediately struck me about it was how clear the concepts involved are.  Cubes is a great idea, the map is compact and whilst a cluttered battlefield looks like it might end up being a big brawl even the super slow Forge Fathers I use can get a surprising move on and if you think about it there’s frequently a way to get a shot off.

The next thing I liked (though not so much the first time it happened) was the utter brutality of a well aimed shot and therefore the importance of being slightly patient.  My sniper squat had clambered to the highest point he could and had a commanding view of the objectives only to be shot stone-cold dead by the Veer-myn Sniper.  In hindsight he could have hidden below where he was and clambered up to shoot in my next turn but I was still playing other games.

What then became apparent was that hit-and-run tactics are all well and good but sometimes just overwhelming force can get the job done and that a brawl whilst not ideal can just tar-pit enemy figures whilst you secure victory points.  There’s really an awful lot going on in this little game!  Having gone in sceptical I came out a fan which is great, my only slight issue is the figures but I guess I can live with them if I have to?  Well that’s all from me today I think but I may be back with an unboxing of all my Test of Honour gear very soon so make sure you sign up for email notifications!  -thanks Mark

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