A very happy Guild Ball Birthday to me

So earlier this month it was my Birthday and the lovley Mrs and Miss Tabletop Games UK brought me a few Guild Ball bits, as well as the kick off set arriving as well.

The Morticians Starter Set as well as Dirge and the new release Brainpan and Memory which are two really cool looking sculpts, Now I have played against the Morticians Team a few times, and come out reasonably well off using my trusted Union Team I haven’t really tried with The Hunters yet but all good things etc, so why jump from a team that I do OK with to one which I have always beaten, well it’s not for the challenge I can tell you that for free, I just like the models, The new Brainpan and Memory are just brilliant, Obulus looks kind off cool as well, not only that but I really like the play style that I have seen when playing against them, they can play a bit off ball, most of them can hold there own in a fight and Obulus is just the dirtiest player around that I have gone up against.
Once I have these painted up I will be looking for various victims, I mean opponents to whip them out and see if I can get my head round how they play.

I had seen a few months ago a mortition team that had been undercaoted and then just washed an I thought it created a very striking monochrome effect, so I thought I would try this out myself, the results where,I think a little less than stunning and nothing near the effect I was aiming for so I’m now trying to work out either how to save my wonderful original idea, how to wrap these up to fully painted or just strip them and start again.

In other Guild Ball news me and Mark completed a kind of exchange program, he gave Guild Ball a try whilst I gave Blood Bowl a try but more on that in another article.

We have also seen there release this month of seasoned Brisket who is positively awesome, there is a good chance that Blackheart has had his last competitive outing. Thank you Blackheart you served me well.  Other releases are Crucible who has been very well received and looks like could shake up the meta as much as Brisket and Locus so across the board all the latest releases seem very good and will mix things up in a game where the meta rarely has time to settle.

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