To Kill a King, Warlord ECW Supplement.


Finally Warlord have released a source book for this period, while the Pike and Shotte rulebook did have sections covering this period ,it’s nice for it to have its own source book. Scanning the website for info on this, it looks like the standard set up for these period to kill a kingbooks, army lists, scenarios from the period and a painting guides. Also these books, while claiming not to be historical source books, do give us as gamer’s a good overview for the conflicts and build up of the period. The book is currently on pre-release, with a date of mid April for becoming available. I’m thinking salute will probably be the best place to pick it up, that is if your going, if not then head over to the webstore and get your name on the pre-release list.


168 pages of colour rich information with an introduction by writer Charles Singleton, this supplement for Pike & Shotte describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of the English Civil War. Included are detailed scenarios based on some of the most famous battles, complete with maps and orders of battle/army lists for the main protagonists.

Crammed full of detailed background information, including:

  • The Early Reign of Charles I
  • The Bishops’ Wars and the Short Parliament
  • Rebellion in Ireland
  • The First Civil War
  • The Second Civil War
  • Another War with Scotland

Plus a comprehensive Civil War Timeline and detailed look at the armies of the civil war who were the infantry, the cavalry and artillery, how were they organised and fielded.

The author then takes you on through the tactics of the Civil War and the military revolution of the period where the Dutch and Swedish systems were learnt and employed, and indeed explained here in detail along with more Civil War tactics.

  • Profiles of the Royalist and Parliamentarian Commanders.
  • Full colour guide to the colours used by participants in the Civil War.
  • Early war army lists for the Scots Covenanter Army of the Bishops’ Wars.
  • Bishops’ Wars Scots Royalist and English Pre Civil War Army.

The Royalist Army Lists

  • The Early Royalist Army
  • The King’s Oxford Army
  • The Early Oxford Army
  • The Late Oxford Army
  • The Royalist Cornish Army, 1643
  • The Royalist Western Army, 1644
  • The Royalist Northern Army
  • Welsh Marshes and the Anglo-Irish
  • Royalist Army

Battle Scenarios include:

  • The Battle Of Brentford 12 November 1642
  • The Battle Of Chalgrove Field 18 June 1643
  • The Battle Of Adwalton Moor 30 June 1643
  • The Battle Of Lansdown Hill 5 July 1642

plus a battle report for the battle of Nantwich 24 January 1644

The Parliamentarian Army Lists covering:

  • The Army under Lord Essex
  • The Armies of Sir William Waller
  • Fairfax’s Northern Army
  • The Army of the Eastern Association
  • Clubmen Army
  • The New Model Army

Specific Battle Scenarios include:

  • The Battle Of Cheriton 19 March 1644
  • The Battle Of Omskirk 20 August 1644
  • The Battle Report Of The Second Battle Of Newbury 27 October 1644
  • The Battle Of Wistanstow 8 June 1645
  • The Battle Of Torrington 16 February 1646

The Scottish Army Lists include:

  • Scots Covenanter
  • The Scots Royalist Army of the Marquis of Montrose
  • The Scots Royalist Army of 1644
  • The Scots Royalist Army of 1645
  • The ‘Traditional’ Montrose Army

Further battle scenarios look at:

  • The Battle Of Aberdeen 13 September 1644
  • Battle Report For The Battle Of Inverlochy 2nd February 1645
  • The Battle Of Benburb 5 June 1646
  • The Battle Of Winwick Pass 19 August 1648

The Irish Army Lists Include:

  • The Irish Catholic Confederate
  • Anglo-Scots Army
  • Ormond Irish Royalist Alliance Army


  • Special ‘Period’ specific rules
  • ’Late Misery of War’ 8 pages of detailed campaign rules
  • 10 pages of glorious siege rules

Concluding with the storming of Cirencester

And for everyone who purchases this fantastic tome of Civil War knowledge from the Warlord webstore there is the fabulously characterful FREE miniature of Lord Minimus… we’ll find out more about him from our illustrious commander later!

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