Star Wars Imperial Assault Batrep

I started playing Star Wars Imperial Assault around two years ago with a couple of friends at my local club. We mainly run the campaign system and only occasionally played a skirmish game so we did not have a lot of experience with the skirmish system. We have had a growing number of players interested in playing the skirmish system recently so I have decided to make this one of my main games this year, learning the rules and different combinations of characters and command cards to hopefully take part in some tournaments later this year. This Batrep is the first skirmish game I have played this year and I’m playing a good friend of mine Richard who is a regular at my club.  We did misinterpret some of the character rules, however this is the best way to learn and we both really enjoyed the game.

We decided to play the A mission “Lost Knowledge” from the Massassi Ruins map. There are three objectives on this map called Holocrons, the object of the mission is to pick up the Holocrons and put them into the communication beacon in another area of the board. Each Holocron dumped into the communication beacon is worth 10 VP’s as well as normal victory conditions, the first side to 40 VP’s wins.

Richard was using a list made of;

  • Bossk
  • Bantha rider
  • Wampa
  • Wampa (elite )
  • Tusken raiders
  • Nexu
  • Beast tamer upgrade

Whilst I took a Rebels list containing;

  • Luke Skywalker
  • Gideon Argus
  • Wookie warriors
  • Rebel saboteurs
  • Rebel saboteurs ( elite )
  • R2-D2
  • Motivation upgrade

We set the board up and chose what deployment we both wanted, the white discs represent the Holocrons and the Rebel sign the communications beacon that we need to dump them in. We both had the same amount of points so rolled of to see who set up first, I won so chose to set up first giving me the initiative in the first turn.


With me having initiative I moved R2-D2 next to the terminal to make use of his ability to draw an extra command card next turn. Richard played his beast tamer upgrade card to give the Bantha rider a free movement he then proceeded to move the Bantha again to block off my route to the Communication terminal. With a howl I played the “urgency” command card on one of the Wookies to give him the 2 squares extra movement it needed to pick up the first Holocron, the second Wookie moved up in front of him. The elite Wampa charged into the Wookie wounding him just as shots from my Rebel saboteurs rained towards him but they just bounced off his hide. The wounded Wookie was finished off by one of the Tusken raiders as his partner sat on the other command terminal. My elite Rebel saboteurs blew away the front Tusken in a rain of shots as the Nexu came bounding over their heads to block off the route to the Bantha. Bossk had advanced to cover the communication terminal and Luke seizing the opportunity stormed around the corner with his light saber drawn, a terrible dice roll on my account only inflicted 3 points of damage and had left Luke very exposed. Turn 1 VP’s   Richard 0 – Matt 0


At the beginning of Turn 2 Richard charged the elite Wampa into the surviving Wookie trying to get him to release the Holocron, the Wookie was wounded but carried on regardless. Once again Luke attacked Bossk however he managed to save all the damage caused so Luke backed off to keep out of range of the Wampa. With a rumbling groan the Tusken kicked his Bantha mount into action trampling the Rebel saboteur taking aim at Bossk and wounding Luke in the process. The elite Rebel saboteur wounded the Nexu which just seemed to aggravate it, it pounced on the saboteur and ripped him apart just before the remaining Wookie sliced it in two. Lastly Gideon focused the Wookie ready for the next turn. Turn 2 VP’s Richard 5 – Matt 4


We could see that Turn 3 was probably going to be the deciding turn of the game so with me having the initiative I tried to make an impact early. I activated the Rebel Saboteurs to try to kill the last of the Tuskens but with bad dice rolls again the best I could do was stun him. Richard charged the Wampa into the elite Rebel saboteur near the communication beacon ripping him in two and clearing the beacon. Luke turned his attention to the Bantha hoping to kill it but only managed to cause 8 damage, the Bantha trampled Luke again taking him down to his last wound. Lastly the elite Wampa managed to dismember the last elite Rebel saboteur gifting Richard another 7 VP’s. Turn 3 VP’s Richard 30 – Matt 4


Needless to say Richard had initiative this turn and used the Bantha to trample Luke for the last time taking his last wound and winning the game with 42 VP’s. It was a fun game and has reinvigorated my enthusiasm to play more skirmish games. We learnt a lot from this battle but the one that stands out for me is to know what your characters capabilities and strengths are and use them at the right time. We have a club evening dedicated to Imperial Assault in a few weeks where we will play some more skirmish games and I’m determined to use my force a lot better this time! -Matt

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