Learning Curve: Blood Bowl Dark Elves, Clear Bases and Magnets

G’day!  Welcome back to see the finish of the Dark Elf project started a few weeks back.  If you need a recap then head over here for part one.  Now that they’re done I should probably take them to the field so stay tuned!

You’ll have just read that I had decided to use clear bases and be super clever with magnets but then wussed out a little.  In the end I mounted the magnet for the ball in the base and felt that it was necessary to pin the figure because of the very small contact area on the feet.  I’m pretty sure that if I use clear bases again I’ll still pin even quite chunky figures though, especially for any game where they might get knocked about as much as Blood Bowl figures do with all the lying down!

I’m not going to claim that these are anything special, they’re not.  The miniatures from Black Scorpion are great value and I really haven’t done them justice but I like my teams to be practical and damage proof so a healthy dose of army painter dip over the base colours will do me.  Followed up by their matte spray to dull it down.  I actually used something new though this time.  I got some Vallejo air metallic paint for the main armour and it’s great to use with a brush I’d highly recommend it.  I really hate metallic paints because they tend to be very thick but this range is perfect for me.

In hindsight I think a bit more colour wouldn’t have gone a miss and that’s something I won’t forget when Games Workshop release new plastic Wood Elves.  Which won’t be soon enough!  In the meantime I need to steer clear of buying more teams to concentrate upon Test of Honour and trying to actually finish my Dark Angels so I can crush Da Skwire

Until next time enjoy your own projects and feel free to share them with us!  We’d love to do a reader’s models page! -Mark

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