Table Top News: 17th March 17

Hello lovely people and welcome to this weeks news round up!  A whistle stop tour of gaming news!First up  we have C’MoN announcing Eric Lang will be moving to them permanently as Director of Game Design which I think is a great move for their development.  To boot they also announced they will be doing a Game of Thrones (technically A song of ice and fire) miniature battle game!  Playable with hundreds of figures! Oh my.  A more in depth look can be found here.


As if that wasn’t exciting enough Games Workshop have decided to release a new game!  Shadow War Armageddon is a skirmish game set in the battle for that hive city.  Based on second edition rules and with a campaign system built in this is terribly exciting too!  Not exactly Newcromunda as some have dubbed it but perhaps more like an expansion of the Kill Team system.  Seems like a good move though, another way to tempt us all to buy a new faction!  Full news here.

They also announced a brand new race for Age of Sigmar!  Squats!  Ahhhh!  I can’t take it anymore…. sadly not Squats, but steam punk Dwarves the Kharadron Overlords!  I love the aesthetic here and think that new races is certainly the way forwards for that system, expand rather than revamp.  It’s just more friendly!  I think they look awesome, check them out here!

Perry Miniatures are all set to release a Travel Wargame too.  I can’t actually cope with this anymore… I won’t even have to take much with me either!  Not many details on rules yet but it could be something for those road trips we enjoy!  Pre-order it for Salute here.  Speaking of Salute don’t forget we have a good giveaway on the day!


Test of Honour pre-orders will start shipping this week too!  We can’t wait to get ours.  Make sure you check out our battle report here.  Warlord also have a buy a book, get a box deal on so make sure you head over to take advantage of that!

We also have it on good authority that more information about Tombstone the western gun-slinging game from Black Scorpion will be available very soon.

Fantasy Flight announced wave six for Star Wars Armada and also that the Legend of the Five Rings will start appearing in more detail very soon.  They have said that two core sets $39.95 each will be needed for the competitive amongst us though!

Sadly due to a mould tooling issue Dreadball V2 is being back back until late October now but that’s fine because you can just practice with V1 right!?  Or play Blood Bowl!  (You’re obsessed Mark, stop it. -Ed.)

I’m off for a lie down I think, all that excitement is too much for me.

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