Blood Bowl Re-Roll Counters on the Cheap!

A few weeks ago I saw some Re-Roll Counters and like most things on Facebook it was gone before I could think about looking twice.  So I shamelessly stole the idea and present it to you here.  I got myself some old dice, some 25mm bases, a bit of 2mm plasticard and had at it…

They’re pretty easy to do actually and I think they look very cool.  First thing is to superglue your die to it’s base.  The 16mm dice look better I think so I’d recommend them.  I found that roughing up the corner you’re going to stick down helped to get them to stick.  Patience is important here though, it might involve some holding together!

Once they’re all mounted I cut out arrows about two inches long from the plasticard and then gently bent them to shape.  In hindsight 1.5mm card would have been much easier to work with but I made do.  Once they’re bent to an appropriate level stick them down so they arch over the die.  Simples.

Then it’s just a matter of painting them! I went with gold & red and bases to match my Orc & Undead teams but obviously your own choice of garish colours is perfectly appropriate.

I also made a little score marker and a sundial whilst I was at it so I have more robust generic tokens than I otherwise had.  I hope you like them! – Mark

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