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So Warlord Games have a new release; Test of Honour which may have passed some of you by.  Like if you’ve been under a rock for the last five weeks perhaps?  If not then you will have no doubt seen that there has been a flurry of activity on this site about it including much excitement on the part of Jez.  He loves Samurai to the point where he has compiled a mighty tome of knowledge about the era and the game here.  Now we were lucky enough to be invited to Warlord HQ’s store for a game with the Writer Graham Davey and co-developer Andy Hobday but decided that one manufacturer was no where near enough…

Waking up early isn’t something that I enjoy despite having more years of doing so under my belt than you would guess from my handsome, unlined face so having to be picked up before seven (I know it’s not that early, it’s all relative guys I like my sleep – there’s a reason I have no bags under my eyes) on my day off didn’t exactly fill me with joy but the knowledge of what was to come sure did!

A couple of hours and one hundred miles later we arrived (slightly early) at the gates of Foundry Miniatures, played a little prank on Darren by pretending Jez was en-route to Doncaster and went for a trip down memory lane!  Having never been before I was fascinated by the display cabinets which contain miniatures from when I first started collecting and before all painted in lovely fashion.  Genestealer Cult stand near enough to historical dioramas and Fantasy Orcs that even the most stringent fan of one system would be tempted to branch out.  Having spent a little bit of time wandering around with my mouth open I remembered that the purpose was Samurai so I purchased some oriental skin tone paints (I struggle to mix this so I’m having it done for me) and we headed off for stop number two.

I won’t lie I was very excited about going to Warhammer World and was not disappointed.  The tables are beautiful, the displays are awesome and Lurtz took a shining to Dave.  You can see it in his eyes!  Having dribbled a bit in the Forge World shop and argued the toss a bit about how expensive it all is and discussed how mad you’d have to be to buy and paint a Tau manta with all the Fire Warriors both in it and out of it we proceeded to Bugmans.  This is a real little treat if you haven’t been, good food, nice atmosphere, friendly service and the chance to buy real honest to goodness Dwarven ale (which I of course did)!  I think that Warhammer world is in many ways what a games company would want as a show case, a huge arena of tables with comfortable surroundings and opportunity to buy even more stuff!  The only thing I didn’t see was where you deposit your kidney before buying a Titan?

Onwards then to the main event at Warlord Games.  I’m not going to go into too much detail on the game itself as more will follow on Friday.  It’s sufficient to say that I’m very happy with my pre-order and think that Graham and all involved have made a game that is very good indeed.  Light yet tactical and surprisingly funny in places it played out very nicely indeed.  Everybody was nice to us (probably because we sound a bit simple) and the actual objective for the trip was achieved with a good amount of fun had by all even if the objective in the game was utterly ignored in favour of collecting heads.  So notebook stowed away and video camera packed up we went to head for a debriefing and a coffee but Dave had other plans!

Crossing the carpark he invited us in to speak with North Star Military Figures or rather the Giant of North Star (sorry but your name eludes me).  Which was a very interesting experience to be honest, since they distribute a great deal it was good to get their perspective on the state of war gaming outside of our own bubbles and I think that as with a great many things the financial situation has had an effect but not as dramatic a one as many might expect.  In fact the Giant seemed to suggest that skirmish games might be on the rise!

So all told a very ‘productive’ trip and well worth Darren unchaining us from our desks and letting Dave have the TTG Mobile keys for the day!  Make sure that you check back for more Test of Honour including video, battle report and possible a few never before seen items!  If you have a minute though and enjoyed reading about our adventures just head over to Patreon please and take a second to think about funding us.  It would allow us to spend less money up-keeping the website and more on fantastic events where we can meet all of you!  Like these handsome fellows ambushed by a bright blue tank!  Fools!  Thanks for reading -Mark

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