Please allow us to introduce ourselves..

We’re certainly not men of wealth but do have a little taste and (sadly) we’ve been around for a long, long year.  A great many of you will know who we are and what we’ve been doing.  Some will have had the dubious pleasure of interacting with us either in person or over the interweb.  A select few may even wish to own up to being our friends (fools).  Those of you that don’t know though should read on…

As a game site we’re more than just about the reviews, we do more than just link and share old and new games alike.  We are lovers of the games we follow and play.  We don’t just spin out a few words and run.  We try to stick it out.  You’ll find us in the heart of various communities, sharing what we’re doing, discussing the game with other likeminded gamers and sharing what passes for wisdom when we can.

More than that, we’re all keen gamers who do this for the love of the game (no matter how niche) and the willingness to share with others no matter what they play.  Check out the authors themselves for more on individuals!

But that’s enough about us.  We want to hear about you!  If you have a particular game that you think is overlooked or even just hobby projects you want to share with us then give us a shout!  Find us on Facebook, Twitter, G Plus or contact us at Contact@TableTopGamesUK.

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