Frostgrave Folio

Last week I missed a parcel through the post, today I collected it to find The Frostgrave Folio.

What is the Frostgrave Folio, well other than wing a Nickstarter project that I am sure ended only a few days ago, it’s the first time that the four mini-supplements, previously only available in PDF version have been in print, yes now you can get The Hunt for the Golem, Sellsword, Dark Alchemy and Arcane Locations in a book that’s matches the rest of your Frostgrave collection, with the added bonus of a brand new mini-supplement The Ravages of Time.

The Hunt for the Golem is a three scenario campaign to hunt down a rogue Golem, Sellsword introduced us to Captains you can help lead your warband and can experience and traits like the Wizards they are employed by, Dark Alchemy expands the potions element of the game and Arcane Locations which adds new options for Wizard beasts as well as some new scenarios in the more bizarre areas of Feldstad.

The new mini-campaign The Ravages of Time is slightly different than other campaigns that have come before it, being only three scenarios its quite short, on top of that each scenario is played on a smaller table than the one before it, scenario three is played on a 1″ by 1″ playing area also the final scenario you don’t use your warband just your Wizard and Apprentice as you take on a new and deadly foe!

I am looking forward to wrapping all these together and hopefully, my local club will have a massive Frostgrave day again soon.

As I was looking on Osprey to get the link I noticed something very interesting,

Frostgrave: Ulterior Motives


This expansion for Frostgrave consists of 40 Ulterior Motive cards, which add variety, depth, and new tactical challenges to wargames in the Frozen City. Each card presents the player with a specific task to accomplish and offers rewards if they succeed. Some of these missions must be revealed to all of the players, others must be kept secret. Will your wizard seek to slay a great demon? Rescue a desperate captive? Bring retribution to an enemy? All wizards seek power, but what are their ulterior motives?

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