Tournament Essentials

So we are starting to get into the tournament season and each passing year there seems to be more and more tournaments available to go to.
So I thought I would write a quick cheat sheet to use for attending tournaments mainly to prevent making a fool of myself when I eventually get around to going to one.

  1. Your Army/Force (all of it not a tournament but I have rocked up to a game with out my main character approx 1/4 the value of the army)
  2. Army List/Rulebook- normally most tournaments require 2 copies one for the TO and one for your opponent but a few more wouldn’t go amiss
  3. Medic kit- Superglue an absolute must but a small brush and a bit of paint for touching up might not be entirely a bad idea
  4. Dice……haven’t forgotten these before, but I have left my favourite ones at home before
  5. TokensĀ – Another must
  6. Camera – for all those lovely epic failed dice rolls
  7. Note book and pen – jotting down results getting opponents contact details, making paper airplanes when you have a by
  8. Food and drinkĀ – is it provided, or available on site or locally to the venue
  9. Tin of deodorant – some places can get very warm when full with adrenaline fueled dice rolling gods of war
  10. Sense of humour – for all but the top players at a tournament and sometimes even then you are going to suffer set-backs, bad rolls and possibly crushing defeats, remember that once the game is over shake it off shake hands and carry on. I have a particular habit of getting really wound up during games, be it at my plans not working or my dice just not playing ball, but I can laugh at it and afterwards thank my opponent, even if i do threaten to steal his dice!Image result for dice picturesWe are now live on Patreon. Did you knwo that for as little as $1 a month you can help us to bring you more content every week?
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