Quantum Leaping old paint jobs – putting right what once went wrong

I have been into 4ok since I was at school and my friend proudly showed me a Legion of the Damned paint job he had done on an RTB01 Space Marine.  Shortly after, I was invited to play an all-day game of Rogue Trader where I saw a Land Raider full of Termies destroyed first shot, first turn by a randomly-rolled Vortex missile. Glorious.

I got my first Space Marines in 1989 or ’90.  There were a variety of RTB01, Specialist and some Heavy Weapon Marines.  At this time, I had only ever used enamels for painting models so I used them for the marines.  The results were… durable but not detailed and a wash was something you had in the morning.

  This is ‘Friday’, my first ever marine.  Note the classic ‘sand’ texture basing with yellow dry brushing.






Lots more followed: blue and red ones and Imperial Guard too.  I wasn’t really thinking about an army at this point, I just loved the models.



Time passed (a lot of time) and I moved on to Orks, Dark Eldar, Necrons and Grey Knights.

A few years ago I started thinking about these old models again.  The pull of nostalgia from them is immense: first games, first paint jobs and all at the time when I was a teenager / twenty-something.  I decided to start repainting my favourite models: the Space Marine three-pack special characters of Techmarines, Chaplains, Apothecaries and Librarians.

I did the Apothecaries first using Nitromors paint stripper.  The models were metal and so could take it.  The bases can’t so were removed first.  I’ve only one photo of the ‘before’ although the other two can be seen in the group shot above.  Not exactly detailed.

This model actually appears in Rogue Trader!  “Marine Medic” page 13.



The Nitromors did a great job though and soon all three were ‘as new’.  Note: Nitromors is vicious stuff so be careful; it sort-of dissolved the Nylon bristles on a nail brush.

It’s amazing the difference 25 years of painting experience makes.  Also acrylic paint.

The Chaplains were next:

Techmarines (a year later – this is a slow-burn project):

Lastly the Librarians

I have a new love for these classic figures and whilst I’m no Golden Demon painter, they are amongst own personal favourites.

I started to think of this process in terms of Sam Beckett’s time-travelling adventures in Quantum Leap (also from the late 80’s / early 90’s).  I could go back and put right the paint jobs that once went wrong.  However, like Sam, I can’t stop now that I’ve started.  There are dozens of models in need of this and I can’t let them down.

Quantum Leap will return shortly and detail how I got on with larger lead models and moved on to plastics.

Oh boy!


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