Fiday Kicks 03/03/17

Firstly sorry its a day late! Secondly if anyone fancies designing a Friday Kicks logo please get in touch I’d be more than happy to take a look at your work! Finally welcome back to Friday Kicks!

So the big news this week is looking forward to Cool Mini Or Not Impending release of Rising Sun next week so expect to hear something about that as everyone is going Oriental mad at Tabletop Games UK.

West Wind Productions have Panzer Mech on going at the moment I wont write much but I will point you in the direction of Johns recent article which can be found here and drop a teasing photo in as well.

Titan Forged Games have there Dragon Empire Kickstarter well in the bag but if you want to join this one you are going to have to be very quick about it!


The Great Dragon Empire is a fantasy collection that has it roots deep in the Asian mythology, legends and samurai culture. Titan Forged Games could not resist adding dragons and the magic of four elements to make this world truly supernatural. In this campaign they especially want to engage our backers in the process of model creation. In the incoming updates they will be gathering your propositions for miniatures. Later the backers will be voting and their suggestions will be implemented into the collection. Moreover, after picking the miniatures we will set up a series of streams and our lead artists will be sculpting live! That way you have a chance to see how exactly your idea becomes reality.

The models are in 28mm scale and are all casted in high-quality resin that ensures highest details, durability and flexibility. The only exception are basic units. Those will be either in restic or in hips plastic depending on the outcome of the campaign.

Elite: Dangerous is the modern day incarnation of the seminal space trading game Elite. 30 years after the original game reinvented the way people experienced playing computer games, Elite: Dangerous is ‘The spectacular new multi-player instalment in the seminal open world series of space games that started with Elite’.

Simply put, Elite: Dangerous deserves a role playing game. Not only do the two platforms merge seamlessly together but in the case of Elite: Dangerous it has adopted as one of its core principles the idea of the ‘sandbox’ approach to play. This concept of forging your own path, choosing your own destiny is the foundation on which most role playing games are based and is the key to their success.

This Kickstarter campaign was created to fund the production of a Core Manual and four Supplements to allow any fan of the computer game to continue their adventures with friends in the roleplaying setting.

Now that this campaign has reached its initial target, there are a number of extra stretch goals within reach. Many of these stretch goals will see, once they are unlocked, the world of Elite Dangerous brought to life. Examine, in detail the construction and history of many of the iconic ships both in and out of the computer game. Delve in to the history of the three great powers and stroll around the stations and outposts in glorious detail.

Finally for something totally different.

First, it’s a witty little pun that my wife thought to use as the channels name, ‘Two can’ sounds just like ‘Toucan’! However, from that initial pun spawned a YouTube channel dedicated to providing high quality videos about tabletop games. With the little twist of talking about if the games work for 2 players, or can be made to work for 2.

There are a few principles I keep in mind with everything I am doing here on the channel:

  • Be honest and open with everything I am doing with the channel. Say when things are paid for, how much things cost or how the channel is performing etc… Diaries of a Board Game YouTuber for example provides others with the information I struggled to find when I started out.
  • Be continually improving quality and productivity. In the past year that has meant big investments on new equipment to improve the backdrop, sound, lighting and video quality.
  • Help the hobby as a whole grow. Such as producing the collaborative shows Review Wars and Meeple Box to help other content creators reach more people and to help people reach them.
  • Be informative. I don’t just want to tell you what you should be playing or buying, I want to give you the information to make the decision with sound analysis of games pros and cons in Reviews, detailed looks at how to play the games or clear demonstrations of the games with Play throughs.

That’s the sales pitch for Toucan Play that Game, despite doing the same thing as us here at Tabletop Games UK he is a font of sometimes useful knowledge so as a way of saying thank you a shout out for his season 2 kickstarter


That is it for this week and I promise to try and get the next one out on time!

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