Lobotomy Kickstarter Unboxing

Lobotomy is the first miniature board game to be released by Titan Forge games, a company currently known for their range of high quality resin miniatures. Titan Forge games went to kickstarter with Lobotomy in August 2015, looking for funding of $40,000, the kickstarter was a success smashing its goal raising $496,968. The game was due for completion in August 2016. However, as can happen with kickstarter projects, there was some problems that caused a delay in completion. My copy of the game turned up this week and at a glance it was worth the wait.

Lobotomy is a co-operative board game for 1 – 6 players, each player controls a character and as a group you have to try to complete a set of scenarios, with the ultimate goal of escaping the asylum. Doctors, orderlies and nurses become illusions of monsters and demons manifested by the characters mental state. Everyday objects are perceived as magical artifacts, and a normal mundane tasks become a feats of heroism. All your character knows is the inevitable fact: to escape or  be lobotomized. Scenarios can last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours depending on the difficulty of the scenarios being played.


You are supplied with 10 doubles sided corner board sections and 2 double-sided centre board sections. The boards are made from good card stock with beautifully designed artwork representing the rooms in the asylum. There is enough variety to make countless different arrangements changing the game each time, and all the relevant card counters and doors that you need for the game.


The kickstarter edition I received comes with eight characters to use, each coming with its own character card. The cards give you all the information to use in the game, including all their stats, special rules and a nice little bit of fluff for each character. There are five decks of cards included that are used for various parts of the game, the cards offers equipment and skills that the characters can find and use. There is a deck that is used to control the movement and spawning of monsters, and memory cards that can be either beneficial or detrimental the character that draws one.The kickstarter box comes with the dice and markers you need for the game and seven rubber base markers for the characters.


Now, my favorite part the models….

There was extra stretch goals unlocked during the kickstarter. This gave an opening for lots of extra models, I don’t know what the retail release will contain, but my edition contains a whopping 71 models! The top tray contains all 8 characters and the unique monsters, whilst two bags contain all the other common monsters. The models are made of a soft plastic, which I have found is used on most models for these type of game, however there was no warping or bent models in my set.


The 8 character models are cleverly based on some classic film characters: Blade, Ripley from Aliens, and Mrs Bates from Psycho. The sculpts are superb with great depth of detail and very little mould lines. The models have a grim character to them that cries out for a dark ominous paint scheme to really capture their desperate situation.

The unique monsters have features in common with some cult horror movies: A Nightmare on Elm St, The Omen and The Village of the Damned. Once again, the sculpts for these models are full of character and I think they will really set the scene in all the scenarios they are included in.


Finally, we come to the two big guys of the set. First up is Frankenstein, a concoction of body parts, pipes and metal he really is a sight to behold. A wonderfully sculpted model, who really is an imposing site on the board, he has his own scenario and from what I can see it will take the whole group working together to take him down.

Then we have the hospital chief administrator, this is the guy you don’t want to catch you! If he defeats you there is no coming back. The model is pure evil from top to bottom, a bulky demonic brute dragging a poor soul off to be lobotomized this model is my favorite by far.

I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into this set. I have a handful of models primed and ready for the brush; I’m looking forward to getting a couple of solo games in too. In all, it looks a fun game with enough models to keep you busy and entertained for a while. I am going to post further updates on how I am finding the actual game. You can check out Titan Forge here – to have a look at their current range of products.

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