Panzer Mecha – Last few days!

We are now entering the last few days of West Wind Productions Panzer Mecha Kickstarter, which aimed to produce a series of Mecha and miniatures that can either stand alone as Weird War II vehicles and characters, or be used in the Weird War II classic game ‘Secrets of the Third Reich’.

The campaign has been fantastically successful, producing some great new Mecha for use in Weird War II games, including the Jotun Mecha – a German beast wielding an 88mm cannon with an underslung grenade launcher, the British Bulldog Mecha – with twin-linked 40mm Bofors, US Tecumesh – a bipedal Sherman, and the Soviet T-49 Mecha.


Also unlcoked are a series of new Secrets of the Third Reich characters; including the Commonwealth Indian Were-Tiger RedClaw, the grizzled veteran German Austerner, the Soviet Tzarist Arc Angel, and the US Gremlin ‘Bomber Bob’ and the German Kreigmachine-Z…


The success of the campaign has been such, that a whole new faction for Weird War II games has been unlocked; the Japanese Rikugan forces, including their own Mecha and the Japanese Hero Kyruzo Mushashi.


There are still a few hours to go on this exciting Kickstarter, and plenty of opportunities to jump in and grab a new Weird War II army!

The Kickstarter campaign is available here.

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