The Third Law

It’s time for something new shiney and exciting, on Sunday I played host to Dave one of the guys from Primogenisis who travelled down to demo their new game, The Third Law, having been sold over the phone with lots of promises about how the game was played, I was ready and critical that it could live up to my expectations, and if it did would it be different enough from the ‘several’ other games I have been investing time and effort in over the past few years.

In the first of a three part series I am going to look at the back ground, the rules and the actual game play as I found myself writing way to much for a single article.

You take on the role of an elite Machinist and drive your Wreckers in full metal, robot on robot combat! In The Third Law you are one with the machine, riding the grid, dealing and receiving life-threatening feedback as you strive to cripple your opponents’ mind. Control the Nodes or annihilate their Wreckers; either way only one Machinist will walk away with the prize. Unfortunately there machinists are just cards at the moment (maybe machinist model busts as a kickstarter exclusive stretch goal)

With a dynamically shifting battlefield and an unparalleled level of immersion, The Third Law marks a new peak in skirmish level, miniatures wargames. Constant interaction between players anchors a fluid combat system; subroutines are assigned and executed in devastating assaults. Unleash your custom code as lethal programs drive your Wreckers onward in a brutal frenzy of destruction.

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